Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's official! She coming home! (UPDATED)

I got the itinerary for Emily's return flight. She will be home on June 15th. We pick her up at the SALT LAKE CITY airport at 4:45 p.m. Anyone can come to welcome her home. I'm sure she'll love it.

We have room for one person if you can't make it all the way to Salt Lake.

I'm getting on the Christ Train.

That's the amount of pesos I paid to send all my and my companions letters. I've been holding off on sending off letters, and now I literally have to pay. Haha!

Before I forget, Mamma, soon BYUI will be sending a registration packet so that I can sign up for classes. When I left there was that big blue plastic document holder. In there you should find a syllabus-plan type of thing. The classes I need to take. There are some classes a little out of order, but basically it should let you know what classes I need to take in Fall 2011. Please sign me up as soon as you get the packet! If you need help I'm sure you can call the school. Or maybe you can even ask Barrett :)

That brings me to another topic. Work. I've been thinking about what Daddy proposed to me before leaving that maybe I could live with... Oh my gosh, I can't believe I've forgotten their names! The ones that went on a mission a few years ago, that live in American Fork. That maybe I could live with them to be able to find a job. If you could pass me their email (and maybe their names too) I can ask them. Talk to Daddy about what he thinks, if it's still a good idea or a bad idea, and then I'll go ahead and ask them. Thank you!

This is a picture of zone conference. Elder Aidukaitis is first person on the left. President and Sister Peterson are next. I'm on the far right. My companion is next to me.

Conference was amazing. I'm pumped in my commitment to be a better person and a better missionary. To follow Christ. I feel illuminated. Like I'm walking on clouds. I just have to put myself on the ground so that I can talk to people on the streets here on earth! I loved all of the talks, and I can't wait to read them when the Liahona comes out. Let me know how you're all doing!

My companion and I are doing okay. She's a great missionary with lots of great ideas. I love my companions who think differently than I do. They come up with the greatest ideas. I love to find opportunities to serve her. I'm going to be finding more! I want to help her out way more than I have been. I feel newly committed to serve, lift, and bless. To forget about me. I'm tired of the Me Train. I'm getting off and getting on the Christ Train. Some talks I liked this weekend were by E'Perry, E'Oaks, Pres.Uchtdorf, E'Robbins, E'Scott, E'Bednar, and Bishop Burton. Along with basically all others. They make me want to change who I am so that what I do reflects more of what I've become. I want to be better. More worthy. I've got a lot of bettering to do. It will be painful and not very fun like they said in conference. But if it means blessing others and being able to be worthy of Heavenly Father's blessings, I can't get comfortable with my status of discipleship. I've constantly gotta strive to do better. Know that I love you and want to serve you too. Tell me what I can do for you. I love you all immensely.

xoxo, Hna.Georgeson

Friday, April 1, 2011

I wasted all of my time for the Lord's work!

Oh my gosh!!! For several reasons.

A) How are you keeping in touch with Luis?

B) Ada was pregnant?

C) She's with a guy named Lamborghini?


E) Radiation!

F) Tsunami!

G) I don't have any time to write! My fault, I was typing up something to help us find more people to teach- lists of acquaintances (I don't know how to spell that) and friends of members to help them invite others.

He he. The CD playing in the mall is skipping.

Anyway, I wasted all of my time for the Lord's work.

How's Kristin doing? Has she gotten married yet? Don't worry about the trunky papers, I filled it out myself. I had to do it because I don't want to be enemies with the mission secretary :) Nah, he wouldn't hate me, but I don't want to take my chances with anything.

Short story. We were to have a baptism last Saturday. Fam emergency had to leave town. Don't know when will return. Boo hoo. Helped R.S. with activity for anniversary. Now we have lots of sweets and left overs. But two references. Yay!!!! For the awesome Hna´s.

Andrés is okay. Still smoking. Need suggestions for how to stop smoking out of anxiety!

Enjoy conference, listen to the prophet and do what he says! D&C 1:38

Love you all and take care! Don't get radiafied!

Love, Hna. Georgeson