Monday, February 28, 2011

Filled with righteous indignation!

Alright, the pictures - Hna. Sancé, the day I went to go look for her in Neuquén (the elders aren't my zone leaders. The one next to Hna. Sancé is Elder Isidro from Peru. He was in my zone for a long time in Zapala [Which I found out means "swamp" in mapuche]), and Itziar's baptism. Hooray!
This week has been really good. We've been working really hard and we made our numbers better. Not perfect, but better. We finally had ward council and we're going to be doing a marvelous work and a wonder with our members. They assigned me the talk the week after fast and testimony Sunday because they know that I'm going to tell the members exactly what's going on. It's not just us who feel it, but the bishopric too. They recognize that something is going on too. We (us and the ward leaders) have been having problems with ward participation in everything, and they know that Hna. Georgeson won't have any gaul letting them know what they're doing to recent converts and to their salvation.

I'm slightly filled with righteous indignation.

Yesterday was a spiritual and emotional turn-around day. We visited the recent convert Kami who has about 10 months being a member and already is inactive. She doesn't want to come to church anymore. She doesn't like it. There's nobody her age, almost nobody else in YW's, the members don't care for her, her Young Women's president either, and she feels victimized by the members because whenever she goes to YW mutual, something goes missing/stolen, and she knows that the members blame her. Know when it comes to the all missing things and what her YW pres supposedly said, I don't know. I do know, however, that she is a good girl. She has potential. She feels hurt. Yeah, she's a stinker. Immature. But whatever, she's 13. She looks a lot older, but she's still only 13 and everybody gets offended when she acts like a 13 year old. It drives me nuts when mature sisters from the ward tell me how offended they are when she doesn't come greet them. I just want to say "Sisters!! She's only 13 years old! YOU grow up!" She doesn't have an example in her home either. I don't know what goes on in her house, but it's not good. What she needs is mercy. She can't pay right now. She's spiritually and emotionally poor. She doesn't have the funds to earn the respect and love of members. She needs their mercy. After talking with her yesterday I wanted to cry. I understand! Because I know I was a pain in the bum too. But my leaders had mercy on me anyway. And I feel like they saved me. And how her leaders are not showing the same mercy and love that the Savior shares makes me righteously indignant. They're destroying their ward by their selfishness! They have no youth! They have 5 kids in primary on a good day. And what do the youth and primary leaders do? Nothing. They don't come to ward council, they don't visit their kids, nothing. I'm going to freak out one day and it won't be pretty. The kind of situation that makes me want to bang my head on the table.

Also, I found out that I am developing more charity and shedding fear of talking to everyone. I approached a drunk man yesterday. I normally avoid drunks that hang out on corners. I hate drunks and tweakers. They make me mad. But I came up to him and he let me take away his beer and we talked for a bit. He thought of you guys. He asked me if I had a mom. I said yes. He begins to cry as he asks me if I have little brothers. I said yes. And he starts busting up crying even more "That's beautiful." and says something about my family. I didn't really catch it all, but we're going to be visiting him. Lalo is his name. Pray for him too. It felt good to dump out the beer and break that stupid bottle.

Check that out. I'm developing patience and love for my fellow man! Aren't you proud of me? I'm trying to work so that we might begin to see miracles, which means leaving every rock turned upside down, and I know we'll see them. We've been seeing a lot more success trying to work like that, just keep praying for us that we'll have the inner strength to keep working like that. Because trust me, it's hard.

Love you all and take care! Say hi to everyone for me!

xoxo, Hna.Georgeson

Also mamma, a man named Pedro said this to me about two weeks ago "Your mother must be pretty" ("Tú mamá debe ser bonita") That made me a little creeped out, but an Argentine wanted you to know that you're pretty! ;D

Go to your heart checkups!

Well. This week has been difficult. We've been trying to work but I guess not hard enough. We got nothing moving forward in the work.

Elder Aidukaitis focused on how us as a mission to see miracles, true conversion, and baptisms every week. He layed it into us good and hard. Which makes the results of this past week a lot harder to take.

One good thing: Itziar was baptized! Itziar is Ayrton's little sister. Hooray! It was a crazy baptism. The brother who baptized is an ex-boxer, and I don't care what he says, he's got a little bit of damage on the brain. We wrote him the prayer so that he could memorize it, but it took him four times to get it right. The other Hermanos were getting a little frustrated. And we made him practice the movements of dunking her, but that came out kind of funny too. The most important part... She was baptized. Afterward I asked her how she felt.

"Different. And clean!"

And yesterday when she was confirmed I asked her the same question.

"Different and good."

It's so sweet and awesome to see her faith. But I was reading an article this morning from the conference of Oct 2009 from Elder Redlund (I think that's his name) about keeping the lasting effects of conversion. He said it's like a heart transplant.You get a new heart and you have to go to regular checkups to make sure that your body isn't rejecting the new heart. You have to go to these checkups frequently to avoid the danger of your body rejecting the new heart. Sometimes people become lazy after the surgery, maybe not lazy, but lax. They don't go to all their checkups and they stop taking such good care of themselves. Then he makes the comparison on a more spiritual level. The Lord gives us a new heart - we are converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ! But then we become lax, light up on our prayers and scripture reading, and our spiritual hearts are in danger of being attacked by the natural man. We have to maintenance ourselves so that we can keep our new heart. Keep that in mind everyone!

Having Elder Aidukaitis come was a blessing. I really liked the conference. He put everything on real terms with us. He said everything without flinching. Fa!

I am getting along really well with my new companion. Hna. Sancé is wonderful and a great missionary. Everybody we talk to thinks that Guatemala is part of Mexico or they think that she doesn't already speak Spanish. They always ask her how long it took for her to learn Spanish or if it was hard for her. But in all reality, she's great. She works with faith and is learning really well to express herself and talk without being ashamed. It's a great blessing to be with her. Fresh faith and fresh ideas to get everyone up and moving along.

Love you all, and go to your heart checkups!
xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've been in Argentina a year!

Hooray! Bueno, my companion and I are not going to get chocolates or flowers, but tomorrow marks my year of being outside of the U.S.. I've been in Argentina that long! Whoa!!!!

I bet you're all wondering about my new companion. Hna. Sancé from Guatemala. I'm training a Latin! It's because I'm so cool! (yeah, right (: ) And humble too. We've had a rocky few days, but we're hanging on, in some miraculous manner. She's sweet and quiet. And she's going to cook a food from Guatemala today that's called Creamed Chicken. Yum! I like it already! Ha ha, just kidding!

This week we have zone conference with Elder Aidukaitis. In all seriousness, he's coming! I'm going to know all of the presidency from The South America Area. But the conference is going to be way different. He let it out on our zone leaders and rebuked them for their lack of faith, planning and goal making. He told them there's nothing in our way if we open our mouths and talk to everyone, to be able to achieve one baptism a week at least. Fa! That would be amazing! I'm more than willing to believe in his promise, so we will see success as we follow the counsel of the Lord through one of his ordained servants, and from there see the many fruits of success. I'm excited!

I really wish that I had a whole lot to tell all of you, but really, there's not much. This past week has been a blur with all the crazy changes. Do you all remember Ayrton? His sister, Itier is getting baptized this weekend! We're working like crazy to be able to get her ready. Just two weeks to get her ready! But we'll be okay.

Love you lots and take care! And YOU wax strong!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm going to be a Trainer!

Tell Adam thanks. That really means a lot to me. More so since I have felt something different these few days. A peace and calm.

We have transfers today. Hna. Dennison is leaving and I'm training. When President first told me about two transfers ago I freaked out. I did not want to train! I'm so not cut out for the job! But with something that President told me in our interviews has helped me to change my point of view a lot. He said "The Lord wants you to know how much He trusts you." Although I'm still a little stressed out because I'm companionless until Thursday, I'm okay with training. I'm okay. I think that's a miracle. So tell Adam thank you. Don't worry, just because I'm okay doesn't mean I'll let my guard down and be a lazy trainer.

I have no idea of who she is. If she's white, Latin, what her name is - I don't know. My district leader said that he doesn't know either, so I'll find out everything on Thursday.

I'm a little tired. With all that's buzzing around I didn't really sleep last night. But that's okay. I'll be fine. I kind of do it on purpose so that when I travel I can sleep.

Did I tell you that Elder Arnold came here about a month ago? I think I forgot to tell you. Guess what!? Elder Arnold from the Seventy came to my ward! He, his wife, and one of his councilors spoke (His councilor is from Rigby and knows my Bishop Peterson!) It was wonderful. He really is a loving man. Very much so. And very tall. That part was cool too. He doesn't seem that big and intimidating in conference, but in real life he's giant! You pay a little more attention that way, no? :)

That and about two weeks ago two people thought my companion and I were spies. One man wouldn't give me his name or let me write his address down because he thought I'd send it to Barak Obama. Silly man.

Our convert Ayrton came back from vacation! We've taught him twice and his sister is planning on being baptized the 19th! Woo hoo! We're really happy. She got up in church and bore her testimony. She's eleven and not even a member! It was sweet to see her act of faith.

I did send pictures to Daddy's email, if you didn't get them then the card from the camera is bogus! Nah, that means you'll just have to wait to see pictures for a little while.

Tell Adam and Barrett to take care, that I love them, and that Micah needs to write me! Did he get my letter?

Love you all and take care! Listen to the spirit- We have the gift of the Holy Ghost, and one of his main jobs is to help us make righteous decisions, so listen and do good. Please.

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson