Monday, November 15, 2010


Wow. What a heck of a week. Or couple of weeks I should say.


I'm so wickedly happy for her!!! That's wonderfully amazing! I'm going to be smiling all day now.

Oh my gosh- I realized Monday night after writing my email- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! I could really kick myself for not writing it Monday. What better way to celebrate another year of love and family than with tough gifted moose meat.

I only say that with much love and a chuckle in my tender heart.

This I have realized this week. I've made it to the point in my mission where I forget which language is my own. I purposely think in English to make sure I don't forget anything, but then I begin talking in English, something that I don't think my Peruvian companion really appreciates. I get thoroughly confused during the week.

Also..... my companion and I have invited a ton of people to be baptized in this transfer... 10 people who said that they would be baptized! And yesterday we decided!.... That none of them would be baptized right now. Yes. Kind of a bummer. Even more so because....


Yes, you heard me right. I'm being transferred. Only after two transfers in this area- three months- I'm already leaving. I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE!!! They say that if you get transferred a lot and if you have a lot of companions, it means you're one of the crazy ones. One of the ones that the companion can't stand. It means that I'm nuts. How wonderful. But the best part is that I'm going to......... BARILOCHE!!!! To the same ward that I was in about three months ago. I'm going to be working with the trainee of my dear Hna. Smith. Her trainee replaced me, and I'm going to be working with her. Also what I've realized is that I have not been in all four provinces of my mission. Bariloche is in Neuquén, not Rio Negro! Dang it! My plans have been foiled!

But okay.

My mission is officially insane.

But okay. I'm also going to be senior companion. I didn't have any plans to be senior companion until the last transfer of my mission. What a bummer. I have to be responsible! AHHH!!! Pero bueno. The Lord has some crazy plan for me that will be for my good and my benefit. Alrighty then. We move forward.

Take care and talk to you soon!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Feliz día de gracias! Or in other words- Happy Thanksgiving!
If it even is this week. If not... read that last part next week. ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This week has been tranquilo!

I gotta make this quick. I'm sorry this one is going to be short.

This week has been the week of service. We've been helping one of the elder's investigators. Here in Argentina (or any Latin country for that matter) makes a big deal about the first birthday. You know, your first birthday where your parents have a ton of pictures of you in your booster with cake smeared all over your face and your hands. Yes, that first birthday. In the U.S. This birthday is normally celebrated with a cake, family and friends. No no no. Here it's a grand fiesta. They rented a party palace place that's like a small Boosters, with decorations galore. All this fancy shmancy stuff for a one year old. But that's how they do it down here. My companion and I were in charge of the decorations. We spent all week helping her prepare for the big day.

The only real bummer is that they didn't come to church yesterday.

All that service only to not show up!

They'll be receiving a phone call soon.

Anyway, more than this this week has been tranquilo.

But for your spiritual entertainment, Please read Preach my Gospel, especially chapter 2. If you want to be spiritually uplifted every day, it has suggestions to be able to get the most out of scripture study. Even if it's ten minutes, you can!

Especially for the boys (refer to Pres. Monson's opening remarks the beginning of Conference).

Also read the following article by Pres.Uchtdorf-

El verano pasado mi esposa y yo llevamos a nuestros nietos gemelos a Kirtland, Ohio. Para nosotros fue una oportunidad especial y preciosa de pasar tiempo con ellos antes de que salieran en sus misiones.

Durante nuestra visita a ese lugar, aprendimos a comprender mejor las circunstancias del profeta José Smith y de los santos que vivían en Kirtland. Esa era de la historia de la Iglesia se conoce como una época de grandes tribulaciones, pero también de enormes bendiciones. El Señor confirió en Kirtland algunas de las manifestaciones celestiales y dones espirituales más extraordinarios que el mundo haya conocido. En Kirtland y lugares circunvecinos se recibieron sesenta y cinco secciones de Doctrina y Conveniosrevelaciones que trajeron nueva luz y conocimiento acerca de temas tales como la Segunda Venida, el cuidado de los necesitados, el plan de salvación, la autoridad del sacerdocio, la Palabra de Sabiduría, el diezmo, el templo y la ley de consagración 1.

Fue un período de progreso espiritual incomparable; de hecho, el Espíritu de Dios era tal como un fuego. Durante este tiempo aparecieron Moisés, Elías el Profeta, y muchos otros seres celestiales, incluso nuestro Padre Celestial y Su Hijo Jesucristo, el Salvador del Mundo 2.

Una de las muchas revelaciones que José recibió en Kirtland fue una revelación llamada la “hoja de olivotomada del Árbol del Paraíso, el mensaje de paz del Señor a nosotros” (introducción de D. y C. 88). En esta extraordinaria revelación se incluye la sublime invitación: “Allegaos a , y yo me allegaré a vosotros; buscadme diligentemente, y me hallaréis” (D. y C. 88:63).

Nah, just kidding! Here it is in English:

Last summer my wife and I took our twin grandsons to Kirtland, Ohio. It was a special and precious opportunity for us to spend time with them before they left on their missions.

During our visit there, we learned to better understand the circumstances of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Saints who lived in Kirtland. That era of Church history is known as a time of severe trials but also supreme blessings.In Kirtland the Lord bestowed some of the most remarkable heavenly manifestations and spiritual gifts this world has ever experienced. Sixty-five sections of the Doctrine and Covenants were received in Kirtland and surrounding areas—revelations that brought new light and knowledge about topics such as the Second Coming, caring for the needy, the plan of salvation, priesthood authority, the Word of Wisdom, tithing, the temple, and the law of consecration.1

It was a period of unparalleled spiritual growth. Indeed, the Spirit of God like a fire was burning. Moses, Elijah, and many other heavenly beings appeared during this time, including our Heavenly Father and His Son, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.2

One of the many revelations Joseph received in Kirtland was a revelation he called the “olive leaf … plucked from the Tree of Paradise, and the Lord’s message of peace to us” (introduction to D&C 88). This remarkable revelation includes the sublime invitation, “Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me” (D&C 88:63). As the Saints of Kirtland drew near unto the Lord, He truly did draw near unto them, pouring out the blessings of heaven upon the heads of the faithful.

A Spiritual Outpouring

Perhaps the culmination of these spiritual manifestations occurred during the dedication of the Kirtland Temple on March 27, 1836. One of those present was 28-year-old William Draper, who described the day as a “day of Pentecost.” He wrote: “There was such a time of the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord, that my pen is inadequate to write it in full or my tongue to express it. But I will here say that the Spirit was poured out and came like a mighty rushing wind and filled the house, that many that were present spoke in tongues and had visions and saw angels and prophesied, and had a general time of rejoicing such as had not been known in this generation.”3

These spiritual manifestations were not limited only to those inside the temple, for “the people of the neighborhood came running together (hearing an unusual sound within, and seeing a bright light like a pillar of fire resting upon the Temple), and were astonished at what was taking place.”4

Lorenzo Snow (1814–1901), later to be President of the Church, was living in Kirtland during this blessed period. He observed, “One would have imagined that after receiving these wonderful manifestations no temptation could have overthrown the Saints.”5

But, of course, great spiritual experiences do not make us exempt from opposition and trials. Just a few months after the temple dedication, a widespread economic crisis shook the United States, and Kirtland felt the effects deeply. Banks failed, leaving many in difficult financial straits. To make matters worse, many of the Saints who were immigrating to Kirtland came with very few material possessions, not knowing what they would do once they arrived or how they would survive.

Before long, persecutions arose and mobs formed against the Saints. Members of the Church—even some of those closest to the Prophet, many of whom were present at the dedication of the temple—apostatized and condemned Joseph as a fallen prophet.

As I walked near the Kirtland Temple with my wife and grandsons, I pondered how tragic it was that some could not remain faithful even after the spiritual manifestations they had witnessed. How sorrowful it was that they could not endure the ridicule and criticism of disbelievers. How sad that, when faced with financial trial or other struggles, they could not have reached inside themselves and found the strength to remain faithful. How unfortunate it was that they somehow lost sight of the miraculous spiritual harvest at the dedication of the temple.

The Lessons

What can we learn from this remarkable era in the history of the Church?
One of the great, enduring lessons of the Kirtland period is that our spirits need constant nourishment. As President Harold B. Lee (1899–1973) taught: “Testimony isn’t something that you have today and you keep always. Testimony is either going to grow and grow to the brightness of certainty, or it is going to diminish to nothingness, depending upon what we do about it. I say, the testimony that we recapture day by day is the thing that saves us from the pitfalls of the adversary.”6 We need to stay close to the Lord every day if we are to survive the adversity that we all must face.

In some ways our world today is similar to Kirtland of the 1830s. We too live in times of financial distress. There are those who persecute and rail against the Church and its members. Individual and collective trials may sometimes seem overwhelming.

That is when we need, more than ever, to draw near unto the Lord. As we do, we will come to know what it means to have the Lord draw near unto us. As we seek Him ever more diligently, we will surely find Him. We will see clearly that the Lord does not abandon His Church or His faithful Saints. Our eyes will be opened, and we will see Him open the windows of heaven and shower us with more of His light. We will find the spiritual strength to survive even during the darkest night.

Although some of the Saints in Kirtland lost sight of the spiritual experiences they had, most did not. The majority, including William Draper, held fast to the spiritual knowledge God had given them and continued to follow the Prophet. Along the way they experienced more bitter trials but also more sweet spiritual growth until, ultimately, those who endured to the end were “received into … a state of never-ending happiness” (Mosiah 2:41).

You Can Hold On

If ever you are tempted to become discouraged or to lose faith, remember those faithful Saints who remained true in Kirtland. Hold on a little longer. You can do this! You are part of a special generation. You were prepared and preserved to live at this important time in the existence of our beautiful planet earth. You have a celestial pedigree and therefore have all the necessary talents to make your life an eternal success story.

The Lord has blessed you with a testimony of the truth. You have felt His influence and witnessed His power. And if you continue to seek Him, He will continue to grant you sacred experiences. With these and other spiritual gifts, you will be able not only to change your own life for the better but also to bless your homes, wards or branches, communities, cities, states, and nations with your goodness.

It may be hard to see that at times, but hold on a little longer, for “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” and wait for Him (1 Corinthians 2:9; see also D&C 76:10; 133:45).

I bear witness of the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of this, His Church. I testify with all my heart and soul that God lives, that Jesus Christ is His Son and stands at the head of this great Church. We have a prophet on the earth again, even President Thomas S. Monson.

May we ever remember the lesson of Kirtland and hold on a little longer—even when things look bleak. Know and remember this: the Lord loves you. He remembers you. And He will ever sustain those who “endure in faith to the end” (D&C 20:25).

Don't forget- You can hold on!

Love you all, Hna. Georgeson

I hope to hear from you next week.... with those promised pictures!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I've gotta work!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my area. Our transfer ends in about two weeks, and I'm really hoping that the Lord doesn't see fit to take me out of Caleta. I really don't want to leave! If I leave, I think I would die. I want to stay in an area for a decent amount of time. If I'm here the next transfer that means that I'm here for two because my companion goes home at the end of the next transfer. I've been thinking about all of the people here, and the responsibility I have to help all of them learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. That there are so many being prepared to listen - I've gotta work!

I've also got to help everyone. Not be a burden but a help and a service.

This week has been long, and my Pday super short. Right now it's about 5 o'clock, the end of my Pday. We've been helping out an investigator of the elders with the birthday party decorations of their daughter. I'll try to send photos, they're really cute! But because of that, our Pday has come and gone yet again, leaving us with much more to do :)

This week Irma committed to be baptized. And her nutter of a mother who said that she wouldn't come to church came to church yesterday and said that she liked it. Irma's sons, Nicolas and Ariel, have come twice to church, and they love it too. This family is going to be baptized. Such good people. The kind of people who have trouble putting food on the table but offer you everything they have. Irma even came to church this week wearing a skirt. That's awesome! Hna. Aquino, my previous companion, and her companion before me found Nicolas and his brother on a bus and they got to talking. Mind you Nicolas is 10 years old. We saw them all the time in the street, but never really knew how to describe his house. They're still fairly new here. I'm telling you, it was no coincidence that they began talking to them on the bus. We're so happy for them and all the blessing they're going to receive! Even another son of hers, Yamil, has been robbing her Book of Mormon to read. WOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Don't you just love seeing miracles?

Bueno, for right now I say toodles. Take care and strengthen your testimonies! Do the little things! Because through small and simple things to great things come to pass :)

Love you all

xoxoxoxoXXo, Hna. Georgeson