Monday, May 31, 2010

It's snowing!

Daddy! You get the official Email, how special are you?

Na, it's that I finally got my camera to work on the computer so I'm emailing photos to mama. And Mama, I know you're reading this, make sure the cuter pics get out. There are some for only the Georgeson's pleasure. POR FAVOR!
(These are from the MTC. I expect more now that she has figured out how to use it.)

Anyway, it's been a thrilling week here in Zapala!

First of all, we just finished another transfer here, and I'm still here with Hna. Polacios. It's been a lot better with her. A lot. We're looking forward to working together and learning together.

It snowed!!! On Wednesday like just over a foot. It was a freak snow storm because it never snows that much here. Although it was pretty the first day or two, the roads are now serious muddiness and we still get pelted with snowballs by the occasional adolescent hooligan. Hip hip hooray! And supposedly it's going to snow again this week. Oh Zapala, how lovely thou art.

Also, *bum budabummmmmmmmm* Baptism!! Our investigator de oro (of gold we would say in the good ol' U.S. of A). His wife is a member and he's been coming to church for the past four months or so. He finally got baptized on Saturday and it was awesome! Their whole family are now members and he's super psyched about taking his family to the temple. Hna.Polacios and I have a good feeling that he's going to be a rock of the gospel here in Zapala.

MAMMAMAMAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I've got to go already! But I'll try to send off more pics next week! lovovovovovove you all lots!

xoxoxox, Hna.Georgeson

Monday, May 24, 2010

I have a year left!

Aw, I miss tennis, believe it or not. It's rough right now because everybody is getting ready for the FIFA world cup (in AFRICA!!!) and I can't even watch it. *tear* Oh well. The Lord will give me even greater blessings now, right?

Tell Adam CONGRATS!!!! That's awesome. With tennis and his room (tee hee hee). Hooray for cleanliness!

And thank you for the recipies! The only thing is... There's not too much here that we have back at home. Well, there is, but there are a lot of different things. As far as I know there's no canned pumpkin here. I've been told that I can just use butternut squash instead. And there's not applesauce. Or chocolate chips. Or brown sugar. They have something called black sugar, which is supposedly like brown sugar. Only black. There's no maple... anything. Also, no molasses (therefore I cannot make my own brown sugar. Oh well.) The recipies that you send, just make sure they're as simple as can be. But thank you!!!

Word to the wise- don't let missionaries stay in your house for more than 45 minutes! The people here LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk, for hours if they could. We lost so much time. My companion has the idea of doing service for others and the members, which is a lovely idea, but the members want us to stay for hours. In Argentina that's the custom. You come, you talk, you drink some maté, you talk some more. But I'm not here to be in Argentina! I'm here to teach the gospel! I don't want to stay in their houses for hours! It kills me! GAAAA!!!!!

That is my frusteration for the moment. This week we're turning things around and making sure we don't lose time. If we do I think my missionary head might explode. BOOM!!!

And I'm sick again. Apparently it isn't only me. My first and third companion here in the mission were sick more than they were well. Meh. We'll get over it. Also, my left eye has taken to twitching. I'm not kidding. Not a WHOLE heck of a lot. My companion said you can't really notice it. But now not only am I the American, but the crazy American! I'm nutters! I have an eye twitch! For the past week! Or more! My companion said it could turn permanent. What will I do if it's permanent? All my future flushed down the toilet because I seem crazy!!! NOOO!!!!

We had a baptism this weekend. YAY! Her name is Gabriela. Her sister was baptized a few months ago. She's 24 yrs old and really sweet. For about a month we lost her because she worked so dang much, but alas, the victory has been won. Almost. We had stake conference this weekend so she hasn't been confirmed yet. Yet.

This upcoming weekend we have another baptism, Diego. His wife is a member and he has two girls, 6yrs old and about 7 months old. It's been such a privilege to be able to teach him. He has such a strong desire to take care of his family. And he reads the Book of Mormon like a maniac. He told us it's not like he has to read, but that he wants to. The Lord is watching out for him and helping him through all of his trials and decisions to be able to make it to baptism. He's different in an amazing way.

So we keep working and working and working... maybe work some more. This week is the last week of our Elder Atuncar. We've been in the same district since I got here to Argentina. My mission and Elder Atuncar are like the same thing. This is the last week of his mission! WAAAHHH!!! Therefore we're going to try to take advantage of this pday.

Keep praying for us and thank you so much for... everything!

love love love, Hna.Georgeson

p.s. I had my 6 month bday in the mission. I have a year left! WHOA!!!

p.s.s. Micah and Barrett- Mythbusters are here. :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

email from May 17th

How lovely! This upcoming Sunday we have stake conference. Elder Zivic, an area seventy, will be here. Everyone is really excited to have a general authority here. I've fallen into the habit of taking notes in every meeting, in every conference, fireside, you name it, I'm taking notes. I have a firm testimony that what they say really won't benefit you if you're not going to remember what they said. Therefore, TAKE NOTES! And hurry and write down what you remember from the conference so that it can bless you even more.

This past week has been heartwrenching. Really. It makes you realize the power of the Atonement and the power of Christ that helps us more real. More tangible. If that's even how you spell tangible.

One of our recent converts has no money and no food for her kids. We've been trying to work with our Bishop and the R.S. president to help out. It's been a slow process but we're getting there. She hasn't been able to come to church for the past month because the members that used to pass by her house haven't been passing by, and haven't been answering their phone. They show up to church... with nobody else with them. It's painfully hard with our convert right now.

Another couple who are also recent converts don't have work right now and need wood for their stove to warm up their house because it's been getting wickedly cold. They're in good spirits though. We're just worried about them.

With one of our investigators her "husband" who is a member has been drinking and gambling away the money she recieves from the govt to feed her children. They're running out of food. Her son, who got baptized about three months ago stopped coming to church and wouldn't talk to us for a long time. We've been worried about them because of the problems they've been having.

But alas, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. She's going to kick him out of the house. Which means that she can be baptized. Last night we spent time with the family (without their dad) and her son talks to us now. And if she gets baptized it would be the best thing for him, if not the rest of her family.

Also we have two baptisms coming up. They're so eager to learn and do their part to build up the Lord's kingdom. And if they move forward they can have so many blessings to come. Like a mission and baptising of their daughter. It's moments like these as a missionary that makes it all the more better.

I gotta go now, but I love you all, and tell Daddy that I'l write him next week and I did read his email.

Love you all! Hellos for everyone! xoxoxoxoxox, Hna.Georgeson

P.S. take care of my baby. I want her alive for when I come home!

Monday, May 10, 2010



Estoy in Neuquen. Which is meaning I'm in Neuquen right now. I had to come back to do my DNI or apply for my temporary residence. I'm illegal right now! Okay, not really illegal. Legally illegal.

Okay, we're moving on from this conversation.

We had to wake up at 3 this morning to get to our bus at 4:30. I'm so out of it! But alas, naps on the bus!

We would stay here in Neuquén and try to relax, but silly us, we had already put appointments that we really REALLY don't want to cancel, so I guess it's a sacrifice worth making. More than I guess.

I'm not going to lie, talking to you all last night was awful. It made me want to go home so bad! Thank goodness we called last thing at night- going to appointments afterward would have been a nightmare! It's true, missions really do bless your family and I believe it. Even if it's not neccesarily with the temporary things, at least the spiritual things. Or at least we are more able to show and speak of our love for each other. I really do love you all. I love talking about my brothers. All the members when I tell them I'm the only girl are like "Oh my gosh!" But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love talking about my brothers. So although it was feisimo (horrible) to be trunky (thinking of home) afterward, I'm glad I was able to talk to all of you. It strengthens my testimony of the family and happy that I get to be with you forever.

Right now the goal in my companionship is to work more with the members. We're going to be doing a lot of service. We do a game to trick the members into giving us an hour of their time to do service for them, and this week we have a lot of members to go to. They still don't want us to actually do stuff for them, but we're determined to wear them down to show them that we're willing and ready to serve and work. We spent a lot of time with members yesterday, going from apointments to meetings and we're trying to get everyone excited for missionary work. We're going to be doing splits more often to get them more involved. Our Bishop is ready and willing to work too. We're really excited for Zapala.

Right now we have four baptisms right before Stake Conference on the 22nd of May. We are so excited for all of them. One of them, Gabriela whose sister and brother-in-law are members, goes to the ward choir, it's so cute! We just have to make sure we are in contact because she works A LOT and she recently lost her cell phone. She virtually disappeared for almost two weeks! But we're back in contact and we're going to make sure she's prepared for her interview and baptism. Ariel has been investigating for almost two months now. The one who used to drink since the death of his brother, but now he's on spiritual fire! We were worried for a while, he talked with an x-member and was spooked, but I'm pretty sure he still has the faith in the testimony he's already recieved to move forward. The other two are Clauromiro and Janina, a couple about your age mamma. She actually reminds me a lot of you. She loves computer games also, and she too has health problems. She can't see virtually anything. They have doubts and fears about baptism, but they really like going on Sundays. Although they might have these doubts, they seem less and less every time they go to church. We're working with them a lot to make sure they make it, and make it all the way.

We're teaching others who are progressing that we're really excited for their progression. Ones that have been through a lot that we know are going to have a marvelous experience with the gospel in their lives.
I'm still trying to live and learn. Spanish is- well, Spanish. But having a latin companion has been- interesting. We're still learning and loving and learning to love. We are so very, VERY different- not only culturally or language wise, but very different. But we're still learning from each other. I'm still trying to learn to open up my mouth and trusting in myself to teach. It's really difficult because I still can't really express myself the way I want to, and many MANY times I don't know what to say or what to teach. The times my companion does give me the opportunity to teach, half of the time I sit there with my mouth going "Uh... ah... sí..." I'm trying to tell myself, " You are smart! You are smart! You do know stuff!" Sometimes it's hard to believe, but I know that before the mission I knew stuff, I just have to dig it out of the corners of the attic of my mind.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement and your love. I love and miss you all and hope to hear from you soon. If you can't really write a handwritted letter, you can write through I really would love to hear from all of you.

Thanks mamma! Love you all! And hope you had a happy mother's day. Tell Ann and Marti and Toni and everyone I said hi!

love, Hna.Georgeson

Friday, May 7, 2010

¡Hola! ¿Cómo andan?

Oh check out my mad Argentine skills!

It's another great day aquí in Zapala.

Recently my challenge is to learn all the lessons in Preach my Gospel. My mission president challenged me to go through all the lessons and go through every little reading, every little activity, do every itty bitty thing to be able to understand. And i'm loving it! I've just barely gone through a page of the first lesson, but I feel so smarty now! I'm diggin it.

Lately my companion and I have been working a lot to find new investigators, so lately we've been doing a lot, and I mean A LOT of walking from house to house, doing contacts and knocking doors, trying to find the ones that really are interested and are not just being polite. We have 4 baptismal dates and my companion is like " More, MORE!!! MWA HA HA!!!" I think she was baptism-date deprived when she was younger. Just kidding! We're really trying to find the ones that the Lord has prepared and want to follow him and his example. Also, one of the chicas that wants to get baptized works ALL THE TIME, and we're trying to catch her to prepare her for her baptism. But it'll happen. She's really great. At her sister's baptism she had the desire to be baptized. She loves it. She goes to church every week when she's not sick (allergies, hooray!) and reads and prays and all that jazz. We just gotta corner her!

Cultural fact about Argentina- They don't really get married here. The process is complicated (in italics to signify ridiculous). Ranging from problems to not really wanting to have the "commitment" to divorces being really expensive or waiting ten years for it to be anulled. This makes life so much more difficult. We're working with the daughter of a member right now who can't really get married and it's so hard because she's so ready, but there's not too much we can do except keep teaching and praying.

I know that I haven't written much but I already gotta go!

love love love!


P.S. I can call home on mother's day! (May 9) The call can only be forty minutes, but I'm going to call about 8 p.m. our time, which should be about 4 p.m. your time. Please be waiting a little bit early for the call, and I'm excited to talk to each and every one of you- Adam, Micah, Barrett, Daddy, and of course Mamma. xoxo