Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't have an accent?

Anyway, I don't have an accent? That's cool. I've got a talent for accents, so it makes sense that I haven't developed one. I haven't spoken English at all for the past 3 months, and I'm going to end that way. My companion and I are both from the U.S. but we're going to be speaking Spanish the entire time until I go. I promise, I'm speaking Spanish the entire time! I didn't get to tell anyone, but the other day a man we were talking to asked us our names, and Hna. Bundy said hers, and I said mine, and he said "She's from here, you can hear it in her voice." And then asking Hna. Bundy, "Where are you from?" TRIUMPH!!!

Hna. Bundy is amazing. She's great. She works in a way that I never have in my mission, and we're seeing so much more success. At times I find it demotivating the lack of progress the ward has made since I've been here. It really bums me out. But Hna. Bundy told me that her goal is to help me see the fruits of my labor here. At times I feel like a crotchety old missionary compared to her. But I love the way she works. It's a challenge, but one I like. It's not easy, but I know it's worth it.
By the way, Hna. Sancé did end up with Hna. Jones. Qué tal.

Cristina didn't make it to her original baptismal date. But after this last lesson this past Saturday she's even more excited. When I say excited it's like Daddy excited (w o w). But you can tell she's looking more forward to it. She asked us at what time it would be and everything. She went to church yesterday, and she seemed to have a good experience. We're very content :)

Not really too much to say right now.

Well, I did talk to you all yesterday.

Take care and love you all lots! Concerning the new branch, or ward, or whatever it is, go anyway. Support the decisions of local church leaders. You'll all be blessed for it.

Tell bub not to worry about it. The Lord will help him no matter what he wants to do.

Love love love, Hna. Georgeson

P.S. I'll let you know more and more about miracles next week.

Wait - I'll tell you one. Last week we passed by the house of a new investigator whose a little slower. We wanted her to pray, but she didn't want to. Instead of giving up and doing it ourselves, we guided her through all the steps. It took a while, but it was a sweet moment. We helped a daughter of God open the doors of communication with her Heavenly Father. Yay. That's all :)

Bariloche 'till the end

Letter dated May 2nd:

Tomorrow is Día de Bariloche and yesterday was Día del Trabajador (like Labor day). Feriados all over the place!

First things first. I'm sorry for not writing last week. I was so caught up in trying to leave instructions for registration that I wasted all my time. I got permission today from president to do registration, so I'll go ahead and do it at a later time. Once again I'm really sorry, it was a lack of responsibility and care on my part. Also Mother's day is the 8th so I can call home! I will be calling around the same time that I called last year so be aware! It'll be about 20:00 here, so I think that it would be about 17:00 there. Fa, I think. Wait - that's this Sunday! WOW MOM!

Thirdly, today is transfers. I was not transferred. I get the immense pleasure of staying in Barioche 'till the end. But sadly Hna. Sancé is being sent to Neuquén. Mi refuerza me deja! She's leaving me! I'm really excited because she gets to progress and move on with her mission and have tons of great new experiences. It's a bummer because I'll really miss her. Our district leader told us the name of her new companion, but according to the missionary couple in the office, this sister doesn't exist. I think she'll be with my Hna. Jones, my companion from the MTC! That makes me happy because I haven't seen her since January 2010! I'm getting Hna. Jones' companion Hna. Bundy. I believe she got here in December. They told me that she's a fun and energetic missionary, so I'm excited. I think we'll get along just great.

In recent news, we decided to drop Andrés San Martín. It's really sad. He's so proud of heart and so ridiculously silly that it just doesn't penetrate to his brain! When we taught him the ten commandments, he began rallying on about the first commandment where God declares that he is a jealous God. We went to the scripture guide in the back of the scriptures and read that there are two definitions for jealous in the scriptures, the applicable one the first. We kept telling him the first definition, the first definition, but he just kept saying the second? The second? His lack of genuine listening was wearing on us. We taught about prophets and at the end he declared to us that he doesn't believe that there are living prophets. They didn't prophesy something new in conference, therefore Pres. Monson is not a prophet. He also began reading D&C and was accusing Joseph Smith of being an emphatic jerk (He was reading in D&C 28). We tried explaining to him but he wouldn't let us talk, he just kept accusing. That's it! We invited and taught him the best we could, and now it will be to his condemnation. I feel bad for his son. His mother a member, his father refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the church. His wife makes me sad. She's going to suffer her entire life for choosing him to be her husband. Their entire family will suffer. For that the church encourages that we court faithful members of the church to avoid such discord and strife. It makes me really sad to think about how much that family will suffer. Their poor son!

In happier news, we have four other baptismal dates. Elisa and Juaquín, who are mother and son, for the 14th. Cristina for this Saturday. She will be a work of faith and a miracle. She's hard to crack, but slowly we're gaining her confidence. She's not to big on organized religion because her mother made herself mentally ill from fasting and reading the Bible too much (Cristina was only about 15/13 years old). We found out recently that she prays to Gauchito Gil, who is bogus. He's not even a saint! His tale comes from Mendoza or Córdoba. He's the Argentine Robin Hood. Yet people pray to him all the time. This opportunity to work with Cristina will be great and wonderful. She's willing to listen. Just needs to be encouraged to try. I want to help her develop a relationship and trust with Heavenly Father.

As far as this week goes, that's all I got. I'm learning more and more about following the Spirit, working under his direction. Exercising power and authority. Developing charity. I'm continually learning about the law of consecration. I love my mission. It fills me with so much gratitude to think about how richly my life has been blessed. I have such little time left, but I'm not leaving without richly blessing someone else's life in the name of Jesus Christ.

How are you all doing? I haven't heard from you in about two weeks. How's it all going? Graduation plans? Work? Clubs? Other enjoyable recreational activities? What's the scoop? (I feel like I'm a part of the Scooby Do Gang. What a ham!)

There's a member here who's preparing for a mission. Leo- 20 years old. He reminds me a lot of Adam, with Barrett's hair. We were in their house yesterday and it really hit me. He looks a lot like Adam if he were Latin; they like the same kind of music. He even plays a little bit of Warcraft. A little. It made me think about how much I love my brothers! They mean the world to me. The world. They are a huge part of who I am. Adam, Micah, Barrett- I love you!

Also mama, I think more and more about what kind of member I will be like when I go home. I have come to realize that missionary work has everything to do with everything! I love the gospel! I think about how I will integrate missionary work into my everyday life. I think about it... and I think I'll be like you! I now get why you are always the last to leave... everything! You talk with everyone, you make them feel at home. You make them feel important and special. It's not because you're nuts- heaven's no! You didn't serve a mission, but you live in the spirit of missionary work.

And Daddy... you're my Daddy. I'll always love and admire you.

I gotta go, but take care and have a great week! I'll talk to you Sunday! MAKE ROOM IN YOUR SCHEDULES TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO ME 5 MINUTES EACH- MAMA you get 15 :)

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

An elderly lady called me Hna. Yoyo

Letter dated April 18th:

I'm not going to lie, everything about today has been a surprise! BARRETT WENT TO PROM! AND I MISSED IT!!!! He's like my young little adult! I freaked out and showed the pictures to my companion. By the way, what's a smartphone?

The article about the sister from Puerto Madryn (April Ensign) is from another ward over there. I never knew her, but that's so cool!!! I'm kind of freaking out about everything. Don't make me trunky!!! ;)

First thing, DON'T GIVE ME MORE MONEY. I'll be spending the least amount possible. I don't want to take out a loan. I would much rather do any menial labor to earn money, or even just do online classes before taking out a loan. Please tell Daddy to please do my registration quick. If needs be, please make Barrett do it. Or Adam. If we wait I will not be able to get into the classes that I need to.

He he, don't tell Elder Chivers, but my Hna. Smith would be perfect for him. She's about the same height. 1 meter and 93 centimeters. I don't know what that means. Just tall :) I will have to let her know about him ;)

You were right, your pouch letter really surprised me. I thought maybe someone died. Nope, my mama just wanted to write me a letter. Mary's home by now. OH MY GOSH! Wow! How time really goes by.

This week has been interesting. I shook hands with a man who blew his boogers into his hand because he didn't have a tissue. Needless to say, it freaked us out. Also, I forgot to tell you, an elderly lady called me Hna. Yoyo. My companion could keep back the laugh. Thank goodness she was elderly and didn't notice :)

Andrés didn't get baptized, but we set a new goal with him for 30/4. He's nuts. I say that lovingly. He's already decided that the Book of Mormon wasn't true. He says that his six month old son told him that the book wasn't true. His son repeated his mom and said "lie" one day and he took it as a sign. That and he doesn't like how the Book of Mormon has a lot in common with the Bible. I don't know what the man expects then. So basically he's decided that he has two signs saying that it's not true, but when we asked him if he's made a decision he says "Not yet." He's living proof of what James says after 1:5. It's sad.

We have two more investigators with a baptismal date- Elisa and Juaquín- a mother and son. He likes it all (12 years old), but we think they slept in yesterday, therefore they didn't come to church. Their date is for 30/4 also, so it'll be hard core fighting to get them there.

We hold English classes every Saturday morning, but nobody comes. The man who came regularly before hasn't been there for two weeks. Juaquín came with a friend this past Saturday. We'll be seeing if we're going to keep it up or stop if nobody comes. Everyone says that they'll come, but where are they???

This week has been frustrating for my companion and I concerning the members. One of them made my companion cry. But then again, this member isn't a can of peaches. We don't get members to accompany us because they all give us excuses. We can't take it anymore. NO MORE! We'll be trying to just spend time with the sisters to try to befriend them. Pray for us that it will work!

Last night I had a dream that my companion could speak English. It was cute with her accent. Today we ran across members from Brazil who are here on their honeymoon. How cute! I also lost my planner yesterday. It must have fallen out of my pocket. We searched all over the path that we took, but we couldn't find it. I find it extremely frustrating because I had a lot of important notes in it. Plans, goals, ideas, birthdays.

Speaking of birthdays...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all, and take care! Tell the boys to write me!!!!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson