Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rape: When is it Permissable?

I want to talk about this Facebook conversation I got involved in this week.
It's about this woman, Shelley.

She hunted a giraffe and the Facebook group Political Loudmouth reposted the pic of her with her prize and said this:

"In this photo, a female trophy hunter sits smirking on top of the giraffe she blasted to death with a rifle as it ate from a tree.

With these kinds of "hunts," wealthy individuals are usually driven to the spot by guides who know where the animals are. The clients then shoot and kill the animals, often while sitting in the Land Rover that brought them....

Even more unconscionable, some safaris are "canned hunts," in which captive animals raised this purpose, are placed inside a fenced-in enclosure for the "hunter" to shoot."

Giraffes are one of my most favorite animals, they're tied for the number one spot with elephants. The screen saver of my tablet is a smoochy giraffe.
I have giraffe statues at home (couldn't take them to college with me). Despite all this, the point I wanted to make about this Facebook post was not about hunting giraffes. It's about some of the comments I've seen in response to this picture.


And I think it's pretty grotesque to say the least. I was taught that the word cunt is the most crude of words to call a woman. It's shameful that some think murder is justifiable. It's even more disgusting when rape becomes permissible punishment under certain circumstances.

RAPE IS NOT JUSTIFIABLE. IT IS NOT PERMISSABLE. No matter how much you might disagree with or HATE the person, rape is no retribution. People's varying opinions are sick, twisted, grotesque, vulgar and the list goes on and on. It was really eye opening to read others' reactions, not only to the picture but also to my defensive comment:

Do I agree with her over the fact that she killed a giraffe? No, and I would NEVER wish for her to be raped and murdered because of it.

I'm not going to follow the story anymore since I made my point and any other comments would just be like casting pearls before swine. I said my piece and now I'll keep my peace. Just remember rape and other forms of sexual exploitation are never an answer. And that's not opinion. That's fact.


If you are ever a victim of rape, find help. You are not alone and there are those that are wanting to help you heal. Please visit for more information on how to deal or what you can do for your loved ones.

For another interesting read please check out "The 'Divergent' Rape Scene: Here’s Why It Matters-
Rewriting the script on sexual assault — and giving power back to girls" written by Beth Lalonde.