Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hi everybody, just finished week 5... woot woot! Or is it week four... I don't know! Everyday blends together here! We never have any idea what day it is anymore.

So much has happened this past week, it's been a trip. On Tuesday Elder Anderson came and spoke at our devotional. It was such a good talk on the condensension of God. Read 1 Nephi 11. One of my favorites. End of story.

Last night we got out of class early to go to the fireside where we had a program by our MTC presidency, and this morning we had our Morningside with Elder Perry. I practically shoved my way into the gym so my companion and I could get good seats. We waited in line for forever! We also sang the 12 days of Christmas at the MTC which was hilarious!

On the first day of Christmas the MTC gave me:
A rock solid testimony
2 haircuts free
3 new companions
4 chocolate milks
5 hours of gym
6 :30 wake up (Pero I get up at 6)
7 lukewarm showers (it's the truth)
8 hours of rest
9 outbound calls (ever wonder about the phone numbers on the back of the pass along cards? If you've called I might've talked to you!)
10 more commandments
11 loads of laundry
12 hours of class

And that is basically our lives here at the MTC. Granted I haven't had a haircut yet, have three companions, or even drunk the chocolate milk, the experience here is one of a kind.

Speaking of kind, the elder that was on this computer before me got off early and let me get on to type this. It was muy lindo.

First I must talk about my two favorite things this week: A) I've decided I'm going to name my favorite Elder of the week. This will be my new tradition from now on, because I meet so many people and say "You are my new favorite!" But now I shall announce it to the world! This week it's Elder Ta'Alla from Australia (He's Samoan). He has a wicked sweet accent, is totally friendly, and can beat box! I met him his last day here in the MTC because he looked at me and was like "Oh my gosh!! You're Taylor Swift! You look just like Taylor Swift!!!" And he kept freaking out and it was muy lindo. He kept on pointing me out to his district and talked to some of our elders saying "Did you know Taylor Swift was in your district?!?" He was hilarious. Gracias Elder Ta'Alla!

B) Sis. Reas is finally here at the MTC!! I love seeing her because she's so full of love that spills over into the most amazing hugs the world has ever known! I've known Sis. Lindsay Reas for forever, and It's a fresh breath of San Diego love everytime I see her! Snaps and Kudos for this AMAZING Sista! *snap snap snap*

C) I realize I haven't talked about Spanish much, but what can I say, Spanish is Spanish. I know I'm still not that freakishly amazing at it, but it's coming. This past week has been rough because I was getting so fed up with it! It was often confusing and I didn't want to practice using it EVER! I was being so stubborn and so angry at it! It was totally bogging me down the entire week, because I was so frusterated and angry at it I couldn't really have the Spirit with me. The night Elder Anderson came I was asking Heavenly Father to help me find something from Elder Anderson's talk for me so that I could get my groove back. And then Elder Anderson used the "knowest thou the condensencion of God?" scripture, which is one that usually hits home for me. It helped me to remember why I'm here, why in the world I am learning Spanish, and what my purpose is, which is not ME. Oh yes.

Not much else to say, except our teacher came back on Monday. He just got married this past weekend and we've had this amazing sub, but it's nice having our teacher back anyway. And from the 12 days of Christmas, we really do have about 12 hours in that classroom. We always have Spanish Cabin Fever!!! If only we were pirates. That would make this crazy fever worth it. And Cabin Fever always makes me think of Muppet Treasure Island. Note to self: Watch this when you get home. Oh yeah!!!

Pres. Uchtdorf's wife came to speak to us during Relief Society on Sunday. Her accent is so cute! It totally made me think of you Jenn! . . .

Gracias por todos las cartes! Thanks for the letters! . . .

I cannot think of anything else except keep sending me the love! If you want to know my address contact my mamma through my gmail which is and keep sending the love! Feliz Navidad! Or Feliz Natal as those crazy Brazilians say!

Ciao Ciao!xoxo, Hma Georgeson

Friday, December 18, 2009

Buenas Dias!

...Please send the word out, I WANT TO HEAR FROM PEOPLE!!!! Por favor!

(Her address at the MTC is:

Hermana Emily Rose Georgeson
MTC Mailbox # 358
ARG-NEU 0126
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

You can also go to and post letters there. Make sure to denote the Provo MTC as the destination while she is there. They deliver M-F if you get it in before noon. Once she moves to Argentina, I'll post the new address here.)

So just some cool things I've learned this week, Charity- SUPER IMPORTANTE. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 strongly emphasises that, that we are nothing without charity (that Paul, what a good man) (emphasizes...?), and D&C 88:125 says that Charity should be worn as a mantle because it's SO THAT IMPORTANT! Mantle's aren't for people who make promises they're not so sure they're going to keep. It's for serious.

This past week the scipture D&C 123:12 has stood out to me, at least 4 or 5 times in the past day or two, and I was bugging me WHY!?! I knew that it's important, but why would the Lord plague me with such a scripture (not so much that it was a plague)? But I was doing companion study with mi companera and we were talking about our experience in the Temple earlier today, and she totally made me realize why the Lord would put that scripture in front of my face.

"Christ is the only on earth that can throw a stone at us, but he won't because he loves us." - Our lovely Hma. Squires

Don't get caught in the routine! What you put in is what you get back.

A story told to us during a Sunday meeting: A Russino orphan had 2 babies lying in the nativity scene that he made. When asked about it he began relaying the nativity with accuracy, until he got to the part where Mary laid him in a manger. Then the boy said, "Jesus asked me if I had a place to stay. I told him that I didn't have a mamma or a poppa, so I didn't have any place to stay. Then Jesus said that I could stay with HIM. I wasn't sure if I could because I didn't have any gifts to give him that were good enough." The boy thought and thought and thought, and then he realized there's something he could give Jesus. "'If I keep you warm, would that be a good enough gift?' And Jesus said 'That would be the best gift I could ever ask for.'" And so the boy climbed into the manger with the baby Jesus and with tears in his eyes he said Jesus told him "You can stay forever," with someone who would love him and NEVER leave him alone.

Oh my goodness, that story was so sweet! I want to find that boy and adopt him! For serious! For someone who hasn't been given much, he knows that he can rely on his Savior. What a special boy.

Some food for thought: Those who profess that God does not exist and religions corrupt the world are guilty by their own school of thought. Anti-religionists can rally together and fulfill their own prophecies of degeneration in the world. Any other religion or school of thought would inevitably cause theis world to crumble and fail. ONLY through the RESTORED GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST can the world be saved from ourselves.Oh yeah, I'm so good.

Lots o love! I mean, Mucho amor! And tell Barrett That I think it's totally awesome, his class. I'm going to try to send something today that hopefully he can analyze. Tell Adam that stinker should write! Something! Anything! It will not only keep us strong but will help him too.

Adios!!Con amor, Hma.Georgeson

P.S. Tee hee hee, since I've been here almost nobody has pronounced my name wrong, but today when we went to the temple the sealers kept saying Greggerson. Oy vey. That's Spanish for Oy vey.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hola from the land of missionaries!

This week has been... well, interesting. A lot of thinking, lack of sleep, and good experiences. I can't really remember last week really. I've been battling a cold with a gross sounding cough- The Zone leaders were always asking "Are you okay? Are you sure?" I was fine, I just sounded gross. I'm not really coughing anymore so that's good.

We had a "zone conference" which was pretty good. We went over what a "good" missionary is. Someone who doesn't care so much about numbers but moreso the people. We learned more Spanish (aagoijoeiuhggog!!!), and had some sweet devotionals and firesides. We had a mission conference (basically a devotional) on fast Sunday. I doodled a picture of a funny looking peach that went along with someone's talk on the fruits of our mission, and how to make sure the harvest at the end will taste so sweet. I'm hoping for more of a strawberry taste. One of the wives of the an MTC presidency member spoke about Mary and it was muy excellente! Elder Bruce R. McConkie said that
"Mary is one of the greatest women on the earth," and she did such a good job convincing us. She was saying that Mary, when confronted by the arch angel Gabriel still could've said "I dunno," or "No thanks, I like my girlish figure" or even "All the women will think I'm immoral when they see I'm unwed and pregnant," but Mary said yes. She still had her agency and she still chose God.

On Sunday we got to watch the Church Christmas music program, and I love how Elder Uchtdorf mention Saint Exuperry (I think that's how you spell it...) and Le Petit Prince, it made my frenchie heart happy :) I especially loved what President Monson said, "He gave us his love, his service, his life.... How silently this wondrous gift is given."

From one of our teachers we got a Braveheart quote that applies to missionary work, "If it's ever going to happen, the time is now!" Our teacher loves the phrase he got from one of his trainers "Chose to be a Gladiator, not a civilian." That's exactly the kind of person he is.

Some more quotes from this week, "We have no way to access the Atonement without the restoration." -Elder Holland

"How sad is it that the full keyboard is here on the earth, and other churches choose to tap the monotony of a single key and deny the harmony of religious joy?" -Boyd K. Packer

"It's not just another religious view, it's a declaration from God himself." -Elder Perry

"Serve in a way that those who don't know Him, that know you, want to know Him, because they know you." -A wonderful Uruguan man's pearl of great price

We also had Claudio R.M. Costa speak this past week, and let me tell you, he's probably my most favorite General Authority, besides the first presidency. I love listening to him speak. He always has a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face. I always want to go up to him, hug him, and ask him to be my grandpa.

The other day in class our teacher once again stressed to us the importance of writing down thoughts and feelings during lessons and talks because they probably are mini revelations from the Holy Ghost. He says that much of the time we usually just bruch off these feelings as being warm fuzzies and don't explore them further. That night we were to watch Elder Holland's infamous "Don't you dare go home" MTC devotional, and I thought I'd try what our teacher suggested. I'm so glad I did, I don't think I'll ever not write down thoughts and feelings again! I totally felt the Spirit and found answers to questions I've been having. I only have 7 more minutes and I want to share as much of this as I can with you!

"I suppose there has been no young man to be so affected by his mission than I was."

"My mission meant everything to me! Everything!!"

"Do not live with the regret of what might have been."

"Enhance every hour you're given."A mission is a miracle! Don't go home with the regret because it had been otherwise.

There is a purpose and I ask you not to resisit it.

This is the most importand thing in this world: Participating in the salvation of the human soul!

Do not fight it!

When you have to work, work! When you have to study, study! When you have to pray, pray!

Don't you dare leave here FOR YOUR SAKE.... "I would take the cords from your cameras and tie you here.... You'll ruin your life (if you go home).

"Salvation is not a cheap experience! It was never meant to be easy! It never was! It's not supposed to be easy! You can't do it that way! It was not cheap, easy, convienient for the Savior, how Dare we ask to not have to drink any of that cup!

But he lives and loves . . .

xoxox, Hermana Georgeson

Friday, December 4, 2009

Oops! I forgot to include her address at the MTC. It's:

Hermana Emily Rose Georgeson
MTC Mailbox # 358
ARG-NEU 0126
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

You can also go to and post letters there. Make sure to denote the Provo MTC as the destination while she is there. They deliver M-F if you get it in before noon. Once she moves to Argentina, I'll post the new address here.
I got my package, so I can only assume that the one emailed to you was correct. I won't worry too much if that one number is wrong, they'll get it to me... eventually.

This week has been so hectic, GGAAAHHHH!!! I just had to get that out of my system. Spiritually draining. It's like having the spirit suck the life out of you by the end of the day. My companion and I have had some amazing experiences, and I don't know if I have enough time to explain them all to you, but they got us learning a lot.

I can't forget to tell you! We totally had an Office day in our district. One of our Hermana's wasn't feeling well, but she absolutely refused to leave class, she didn't want to miss a single moment! Our teacher knew that she was absolutely determined to stay, so he said stay a half an hour and then go home and rest. Well, she puked twice, and I was expecting there to be a puking chain reaction! I was picturing Andy and thinking, "Oy vey, here it goes!" But I guess all of us have stronger stomachs than I thought. Our sweet district leader, Elder Cranford gave her a blessing, his very first! We were all so proud of him when he was done! Every week brings along new challenges. I still get along with my companion though! If there's even a twinge of anything negative towards her I tell myself, "We are companions for a reason! God didn't put us together willy nilly!" And I've learned a lot about myself through her. In many ways we are like the same person (We both have short straight hair and wearing short sleeve black cardigans today... weird!!!), and in other ways we're not. For some companionships that would be somewhat of a bad thing, but we both realize that it's a good thing, and to take advantage of it.

Me gusta mucho mi districto! Although sometimes the Elders revert to their 19-year old selves, and we get way distracted by menial things throughout the day, I couldn't imagine the mission experience with out them. My zone is also pretty sweet too.

Every thursday we have TRC, which is basically practising teaching in real-life situations. We were all so nervous because our first TRC was cancelled because of Thanksgiving so we never got any practice. On Wed. night we were pracitsing teaching on each other, but since that was the night that the one Hermana got sick, we ended up teaching our teacher, the big football player (Brock Richardson, who played for BYU-- does that sound familiar daddy?). We were sooooo nervous, and we decided to let him go first, which was a super bad idea. He did so well, and afterwards Hermana Jones and I just sat there and stared at each other saying "What in the world did we let him go first for?!?" We totally had terrible feelings of inadequacy, and we had to say like two prayers to get us feeling even remotely ready. We don't really know what happended, but in the scriptures it says that the Lord works through humble servants, and boy were we humbled. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong as we taught our "investigator", Hermana Jones gave amazing testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration, and I cried (which is more commonplace that I was ever led to believe) as I shared my testimony that the Lord does care about his children, and cares about the prayers of each and every one who choses to come to him. By the end we were all a little teary eyed, and Hmo.Richardson made us promise to write the experience in our journals.

I don't have enough time to write about our other experience, the one that happened last night, but it was even more humbling. We went to TE, Teaching Evaluations, where you teach and you get feedback from an observing teacher. He stopped us halfway through our lesson and asked us, "Do you know why you're here? Do you know why he invited you to his house? Does he know that you're representatives of Jesus Christ?" He kept asking questions like that. He turned to me and asked "Why did you decide to go on a mission Sis.Georgeson?"

"Because the Lord wanted me to."

"What does that even mean Sis.Georgeson?"

I felt totally gobsmacked. I had no idea! I had thought about that question before, but now I had to put it into application! I wish I could finish the rest here, but I got only 3 min left. All I can say was that Hma.Jones totally blew me away and left me speachless, and by the end of the TE we ran to the bathroom because we were both bawling our eyes out. In a good way though. We needed to be taught.

...I can only write on P-days, so I'll try to write a letter to explain more happenings. Tell everyone I love them, and to send me letters! I love letters!