Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week dos at the MTC‏

So I hope this will get to you this time. Ahhh, my second week at the MTC! Woot woot! It's been an interesting week. I don't remember when I've cried this much. Oh my goodness, my companion has been so compassionate towards me and my constant tearyness. I really wish the adversary would just leave us amazing missionaries alone! Sometimes it's hard to fall asleep at night, I'm still trying to figure that out. I've been having crazy dreams and waking up in the night, so I'm hoping that I'll soon fall out of that. Although I cry, I'm okay. I remember why I'm here and that if I do what's right, I can call upon my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for help and strength in time of need. We had one elder in our district go home so it's now uneven, four elders and five hermanas. It's sad, but it's a good thing that he recognizes that he needs to take care of some things. As he was leaving he looked at us and said "I'll be back" and we all hope so. It's part of our district goals to write letters of encouragement to him. He has made it so far, and we want him to go even farther.

Our teachers are so inspiring and amazing. Our one teacher, the hunking Hermano Richardson, is so in tune with the spirit, he knows exactly what we need when we need it. He is so inspiring, constantly telling us never to live a moment in your mission that you might regret. I want to work so hard to make sure that's not me. It's this incredible force that pushes me to do better. I don't want to waste my time or the Lord's.

On Tuesday we had Elder Oaks come and speak to us and he did a very good job. It was neat-o! My first sighting of an Apostle. My allergies have been acting up lately, so yesterday, Thanksgiving, it was either be a miserable snot head, or it was be a clear sinused, drugged up missionary. I thought that maybe taking medicine would've been a good idea, but when we went to the thanksgiving devotional Elder Holland was there, and I kept on falling alseep! I felt so bad, espcially since I was in about the sixth row and there was a clear field of vision between me and him. I hope the spirit whispered "It's just her meds, don't get mad, she's rather lovely!" You can tell where I started falling into my med induced coma, my handwriting was really nice then all of the sudden turned into crazy chicken scratch. I would fall asleep in the middle of words! I'm way sad. But my favorite part (uh, that I was awake for) was at the very end when he was giving his testimony and he said "I'm not devoting my life to a fairy tale!" Oh yes. I loved it!

I'm totally in love with my district, they are all so amazing! We really are a unique bunch. We are so lucky to have such mature and focused elders! Though some of the teachers say it's because of the Hermanas that they are so awesome! They stand when we come to sit to eat, they take our trays at every meal (they really won't let us take our own trays), and they hold open doors. I never thought I would like that, but I'm totally going to hold guys to a higher standard when I get back (Micah and Barrett, clear my spot at the table! That's what I'll say and then you'll beat me up and have me take care of it myself :) )

We got to go to the temple today and it was so nice. It was me, my companera, y the elders. Oh, I love my district!!! I think we were really all supposed to be here together. I can't imagine my mission experience without them!

Espanol is going... uh, well it's going. The pace of a scooter (not a vespa, a little kid scooter), but it's better than a snail, right? I can say a prayer, bear my testimony, and get to know people. I still need practice, but that's why I'm here, right?

Dearest BYUIers, I love and miss you! It's a grand adventure and I'm so excited! Y Muchas gracias Jenn!Yo se que JesuCristo vive y que El ama nosotros! La Iglesia de JesuCristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimas Dias es la iglesia verdadero!En el nombre de JesuCristo, amen.That was pretty sweet, huh?

con amor, Hermana Georgeson

P.S. My pdays are on Fridays, I'll write back then!

Winngappo from the MTC!

Hola! I'm still alive! Now how exciting is that? Today is my first P-day, kinda. We still had class, for which we have to dress up, and then when we go back to dinner we gotta dress up again. Boo! Right? But I love it here. I've heard stories about people not liking the MTC, but I dig it.

So far along my magical mission journey we have our district which is the most interesting probably of the entire MTC. We have five elders: Elder Cranford, our DL, Elder Erickson, Elder Johnson, Elder Smoot, Elder... um, his name escapes me now. Probably as soon as this computer kicks me off I'll remember. Anyway, then we have our five Hermanas: ME! Hermana Georgeson, Hermana Jones, my companera, Hermana Harris, Hermana Lyons, and Hermana Squires. We have a great district with a great spirit. Our elders are a hoot and our Hermanas are wonderful. In the rest of the MTC most districts are lucky to even get two sisters, but we have five! It's hilarious to hear our branch president and our teachers constantly tell them to love their Hermanas and be grateful for them. The other day at dinner they totally stood up and sat down whenever one of the Hermanas did! It was so cute :)

We have our teacher, Hermano Richardson who is a HUGE man. Not as in fat, but he's very tall and muscular with this deep voice, it's amazing! He's always concentrated on the spirit of the class and tends to go over or not get everything done because he always wants insights. And Hermano Burkholz is tall and skinny and gets down to the info and is very concentrated on getting everything done. They are such a great contrast; a great companionship to work off each other's strengths and weaknesses. They both have been back for a couple years and go to BYU, so it's funny that I hung out with guys that old, and here they are trying to teach me as a superior! But the teachers here bring wonderful insight, realistic insight.

I get along really well with my companera, she is so funny! She was also an avid Office watcher, so props Hermana Jones! We all get along so well and I'm so grateful. The first sister that helped me in the MTC said that your MTC experience could either be really bad or really good based off your district, and to be honest I got really lucky.

To be totally honest it's been really hectic these first few days, considering that we don't really know what we're doing and haven't begun our normal schedule. We are yearning for next week when we can get everything down. We've started a little Spanish and it's making sense so far, and for that I blame the Lord. No way in heck could I ever do it by myself. I remember Lo siento, which means I'm sorry, and listo? which is Ready? And I'm still trying to learn how to pray in Spanish. We've totally got an assignment from our branch president to write a short talk for Sunday, because what they do is the pick some missionaries to share their talks, THAT DAY!!! AHHHH!!! I'm totally making sure mine is really short. Like, really REALLY short.

Meals here are good, but I'm getting my headaches back. Last night was awful because I totally ate the wrong foods, so no more bananas or oranges or cheesy casseroles, just sticking with all the other good things... like salad. wooo. Can't you just sense my excitement.

I love the elders here because they're all so considerate of the sisters. They always yell "HELLO SISTERS!" in the hallway, open doors for us, and constantly take our trays. They won't even let us carry our trays! Sometimes I try to sneak away with my tray so I can still feel like a big girl. Anyway, AH! 8 minutes and 34 seconds! Gotta make this fast! So one thing is that there's a guy in my Zone who totally reminds me of Adam. He's freaking hilarious. I end up sitting by him at lunch sometimes and he always makes me laugh so hard (which I gotta improve on... quiet dignity!). But weird thing is he just graduated earlier this year! Insane! That's like Micah!

Oh, and Mamma, don't forget to post this part on my blog... SISTERS HERE DO NOT LOOK FRUMPY. An Hermana teacher here said that they're supposed to be updating those pics in their pamphet, because you do NOT have to dress up like you're in the nineties. She told us the Bretheren do NOT want us dressing frumpy. She used the words "business professional" and said that the Message and the appearance should be consistant. Needless to say, I might be doing a wee bit of shopping when I get to my mission. A very wee bit.

Ahhh! The lights are flashing at me! That means I need to get off soon! ... The Spirit here is amazing and I'm so glad I'm here! The Church is true and brings eternal happiness! Our Heavenly Father loves us! And I love you!Adios! Ciao Ciao!

con amor, Hermana Georgeson

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So this will probably be my last blog before my mission, and I just want to thank everyone who has helped me on this magical journey to missionhood and land of lollipops! Ok, so I don't think Argentina is known for lollipop manufacturing, but I think I'll savor the delicious mission experience.
I'm looking forward to going out and serving the Lord and his children! Not only will this be a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow myself, but to be a help to our brothers and sisters to find happiness and eternal salvation will be such an experience. I think by the time I'm done I won't want to come back. It's like Rexburg; that cold, challenging, itty bitty city might not be something to behold, but the spirit will always keep you coming back for more. It's what makes me miss roommates, classes, campus- that spirit that edifies you. It's wonderful and beyond words. And I'm sure that Argentina will have the same effect on me.
So kids, don't worry, I won't have to eat cat or dog (I don't think... Nah...), I'll get my fill of Italian food and beef. I'll stay out of dark alleys, won't take "gifts" from strangers, brush and floss every night, and take the Spirit with me wherever I go. And just some food for thought, Heavenly Father loves us so much that to help us get back to him and obtain happiness, he gave us an opportunity to have a member of the Godhead with us to guide us bless us. A member of the Godhead! How cool is that? Yeah, I know.
Love you guys, Hermana Georgeson