Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28 Pictures

Regarding the world of soccer, please regard my email to Barrett for my sentiments on the matter.

I still hope everything is going alright- the car, the familly, the dogs, the dancing chocolate chickens... What? Who said that?

I would send you pictures (yet again), but everything is stupid. Why won't everything work?!?!??? BBBBBAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

There are times where I feel like Charlie Brown. The poor kid doesn't ask for anything, yet the crap seems to fall on his lap. BUT to help make up for it he has a pretty sweet dog that can fly his doghouse like the Red Baron with a cool yellow bird for a sidekick. And throughout it all, he keeps moving forward.

I just want to say, first of all, THANK YOU ALL OF YOU WHO WROTE ME! And Des, I got your letter, it made me SSSSOOOOOO happy! I love you lots and lots and lots! I was actually thinking about you the other day. I was telling my comp about your brothers. Yay for Des!!! And yes, I miss our partieees :)

Right now we're in week five of the transfer. Two more weeks until transfers. I feel like we just started! And June is almost over! Who in the world made time go by so fast?!? Craziness!!! The work here is insane. We've been trying to improve our numbers (evidence that we actually are working) and we've been talking to EVERYONE. Let me just say that in the past two days I've heard enough excuses. But alas, hay que seguir adelante (which is meaning ya gotta keep moving forward)!

WAIT!!! My companion has taken mercy on my soul! I'm going to try to send pics- I hope they get to you!!!

Anyway, we're working our tails off to see more baptisms, find more people to teach, spread the word- of God!

Keep safe, keep cool, keep the commandments, all that great stuff.

P.S. Mamma- can you send me simple recipies for diabetics? Pretty prease???

Love you all lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxox, Hna.Georgeson

Hee hee hee, I was playing with the images. Too bad I'm a missionary and can't really give hugs to everyone I want.

#1: Gabriela's baptism

#2: Diego's baptism

#3: Hno. Castro who baptized Juliana, Cloromiro who was baptized by Diego, our new convert

#4: Me and a rainbow one very cold and windy day in Zapala

#5: My comp, Hna.Palacios de Cerro de Pazco, Peru, and I in the last zone conference

#6: My comp and I in the house of a recent convert. We're eating piƱones, yum!

#7: Museo Zapala! I'm robbing them! Mwa ha ha!!!

June 21" GGGOOOAAALLL!!!!!!!!!"

It's funny that you said something about family history. Yesterday my companion and I were with our most recent converts and we spoke about family history work. They already have been interested in their genealogy (lordy, I don't know how to spell that anymore) and about ten years ago spent some time researching. How awesome is that? Their baptism was great. His sister, their neice and their daughter and her family all came, and many more members came than normal, although it was an icky day yesterday. Juliana (not Janina, my bad) was baptised by a brother in the ward with tons of experience and when she went down accidentally swallowed some water. When she came back up we thought she was dying! Not litterally, but we were concerned. She's older right, with health problems. We were all like AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! But she was okay. And then Cloromiro's baptism was performed by our convert from about two or three weeks ago. His first baptism already! The first time he went down in the water his elbow was sticking out so he had to do it again. The whole baptism part was... interesting. A slightly worrysome experience. But-

Afterward Juliana and Cloromiro bore their testimonies at the end, and although their baptisms were less than glorious from our side of the glass, they gave such sweet testimonies. Especially Juliana. At times she's self concious about what she says, and she got up and said "I- I don't know what to say. It doesn't come out. I really don't know what to say. I've been to many churches, I always enter with faith, but this is where I feel God." I was so content to hear her say that! This is the same woman who when my other companion and I first found them, we thought we would never get through to them. We were about to stop visiting them. And now they're the members of the ward with whom everything just clicks. It's amazing!

Also in happy news- WE REACHED THE STANDARD!!!!!

This means that the goals for the mission- the numbers of baptisms, lessons, contacts, etc- we reached/surpassed them all! To reach the standard is very rare because at times there aren't many people to teach, there aren't those who progress. BUT this week has been a week of miracles. My companion's foot stopped hurting her as much as before and so we could walk faster, we go downtown to the hospital for her treatment every other day so we´ve taken advantage of the time to do contacts, by some miracle many doors have opened and we've found new people to teach. For the past three weeks we haven't had anyone who was progressing to put a date to be baptized, but by some miracle we found them. We found a family of old investigators (almost six or eight years that they've known the church), and last night when my companion extended the invitation to be baptized, accepted. In no way, with no reason, should we have been able to reach the standard. It makes absolutely no sense. God will always be a God of miracles, eh?

In other news, I'm a huge fan of homemade bread. I love making it. Today for lunch my comp and I are going to eat french toast with my bread! YUM! But without syrup. There ain't no syrup here. What a bummer. Meh, whatever!

Also the Mundial is going on- the World Cup of soccer! FIFA!!! WOOO!!!!

I'm not going to lie- it kills me that I can't watch. But alas I still know what's going on; it's all they talk about here! My team- France- has won one and lost one. I'm so disappointed. They're a wickedly awesome team! How could it be?!?! Whenever Argentina plays the streets are empty, the taxis are still running, but nobody's in them- they've all ran into their houses to watch the game! All is silent until Argentina gets a goal, and then out of the silence- and I'm not making this up, it really happens- you can hear yelling and screaming and noise makers ALL OVER THE CITY. Then people begin yelling and screaming out their windows "GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I personally love it.

Thank you for the support and prayers. I'm really glad to hear from you this week. I was a little bit worried, but I'm glad to hear that you're all doing okay and working- even if it is only in the yard :)

Take care of my baby, I want to see her in 11 months.

And take care of yourselves, I want to see you in 11 months too.

Love you all!!!!!!!

xoxo, Hna.Georgeson

June 14 Ayudame!‏

The title of this email means "Help me!" Therefore please do so.

I'm so very ready to bang my head against the wall. Only if God doesn't zap me with a lightning bolt first.

First of all, I feel terrible. Not only physically because yet again I'm sick, but spiritually. Working has been so hard this week, and our numbers show it. I'm coming to the slow realization that if I don't work with all that I have not only am I wasting my time, but the Lord's time- and God is the kind of person you don't want to tick off by wasting His time.

Of one thing I can testify is of the blessings of obedience in the first place. That when we obey from the beginning that we receive rich blessings of peace of knowing what we're doing is right before the sight of God. And when we don't obey we will feel like crap. This is a law irrevocably decreed from heaven! I promise! I'll find a scripture to back me up.

In happy news our recent convert, Diego, who got the priesthood a week ago, not only passed the sacrament yesterday, but is going to baptize one of our investigators this saturday! We were going to break the happy news to him, but the Bishop beat us to it. Diego's wife told us that he said "I'm going to kill the missionaries! I'm going to read the Book of Mormon slower now!" He's still reading his BoM (3-4 hours a day he told me.... whoa!!!!), but in about 8 hours he was already memorizing the words to perform the ordinance and thinking about practicing it on his wife. It's amazing. His whole family is amazing. His wife is a testimony powerhouse. How blessed am I to know such a person and be involved in their conversion.

We have 2 baptisms this weekend- an older couple in their 70's- Cloromiro and Janina. They've had a bumpy ride, but they're looking forward more day by day to their baptism. They're coffee and tea drinkers, but we taught the Word of Wisdom yesterday and they totally were okay with it and willing to put these things away. The thing that is the best is that they're totally family centered. The idea of eternal marriage is something that really hits home for them, and they love spending time with their children. They want us to send the missionaries to their son! It's great.

Alas, I'm almost out of time!

But a few things...


B) I bought a winter coat today for the least amount of money I could find. It really is cold here and my coats weren't doing the trick. It's why I'm sick now. Please forgive me but I had to do it. I HAD TO DO IT!


D) Know that I love you.

Something else for you members and anybody else out there... HELP THE MISSIONARIES!!!! Fellowship in the church and find and invlove those who are less active. Please. They need you.

Lots of love and cinnamon gummy bears, Hna.Georgeson

P.S. Is everyone okay at home? I'm not going to lie, I'm a wee bit worried.

P.S.S. Bethybubbykins- it has been sent. Now you just gotta wait another 2-3 weeks :) xoxo

June 7 Salve las gallenas!‏

The title of this email says "Save the whales!!!" Therefore, do so.

This week has been hectically slow. My companion, it turns out has tendonitis in both of her feet. She had been having a lot of pain and we finally went to the clinic on Friday and the doctor told her she shouldn't walk until she's done with the physical therapy he perscribed for her (which she hasn't even started yet). But, the nutter that she is, is taking the pills, got a blessing and is working never the less. I admire her willingness to work, but the mega-heavy-duty pills aren't really helping anymore, and it's been hard to stay focused to work. We have to walk .5 miles per hour so she won't strain the muscles that she's already straining. Crazy lady.

We've been spending a lot of time with the mom of one of our recent converts. Her husband recently died and she's taken it really hard. She never wanted to learn anything about the gospel, although two of her children were baptized within the past two months or so. We've been doing a lot of service because as of right now she doesn't want to learn. But yesterday..... she came to church with us! My companion and I are wondering if it was a good idea, because of it being fast and testimony meeting, we got the wonderful members who talk about anything except their testimonies, and also others who have been going through difficult times.... I was sitting with other investigators, but I look over and all of the members of their family were crying. Afterwards they all booked it out of the chapel and waited out in the car for the son-in-law. We went to visit them yesterday in the evening to see how they were doing, to talk about the experience, but it turned out the uncle of her husband died while they were in church, and we're afraid she's taken it as a bad omen or something, another reason to be mad at God. Oh heavens. We're worried because she's been really down, and we know that the gospel can help her, but she's still mad at God for the loss of her husband.

At times its really hard to keep moving forward and teaching and keep inviting. We really want to judge for them and say, "Why bother? They won't accept- they won't change." But it's not our choice, is it? We can't automatically chose for them. Just keep inviting, keep preaching repentance. It's all we can do, all the Savior would do. And there are times where these people have problems bigger than I could ever imagine. The kind of problems that make you think "How in the world are they going to overcome this? There is no place to turn for peace." But then we remember Ether 12 (read it, study it, love it) and we can work towards having more faith in the Lord- that He can do all things. He can- and will- remove the stumbling blocks. If it's according to His will- which it is- He will prepare the way.

Besides this not much is going down. The snow has melted and the streets are mostly dry now (my goodness, it was like Mudland!) We've been helping an investigator make alfajores de Maizena (very delicious) and enjoying many of the aspects of Argentina. Especially the people. The convert that just got baptized about a weekish ago got the priesthood yesterday! A shining moment for my companion and I. And we keep trying to exercize faith to do what the Lord wants us to do, not what man wants us to do.

To all my beloved friends and family- Sigan adelante! Which means keep moving forward! The gospel is true, the church is the church of Christ. He lives and He will give us all we need to stand straight and tall at the last day and to clear our path of the stumbling blocks of the adversary. Read your scriptures, pray contstantly and you really won't have any need to worry.

lots of love and gumdrops, Hna.Georgeson