Friday, December 31, 2010


Really quick first of all, if you could find me the address of Benjamin Stocking please!

He was a sub of ours in the MTC, the best sub ever!!! I loved the first day he came to teach us. He came in and asked us how many of us had ADD, and from there announced that he had ADD and that we would always be doing fun stuff so he wouldn't get bored. He's awesome!

Anyway, I bet this is a surprise to be getting this email.... SURPRISE! Our leaders called us last night and announced to us that we were to be emailing today because Monday wouldn't be Pday like we thought. It's a surprise for us too! Woo hoo!

This morning my companion and I left running for exercises to go get our packages from our leaders, and please Please PLEASE tell Ashley and everyone in the single's branch "Thank you!!!!!"

Tomorrow will be the day of writing letters because it's Pday and everything is closed. But that's good!! I've really been needing to write letters. And wash clothes. And clean. To be honest we've been big bums.

Just kidding! No, just really busy! We've been working a lot. Slaving away in the sun! Here in Bariloche it doesn't get that hot, but these past few days we could've fried and egg on our arms. Well, on my arms, my companion's ears. How talented would that be? Oh, but I've loved it. A lovely change from the cold and dry. Right now it's hot and humid! Oh sweet, sweet bliss! Oh, I'm sorry, are you freezing your tuckah's off from the cold?!? MWA HA HA!!! I'm sorry, I'm done rubbing it in your faces. Just a little payback from a couple of months ago.

This week has been nuts. Working, running from appointment to appointment, eating Christmas left overs. My zone leader, E'Smoot, one of our elders from the MTC, was transferred, and my district leader from Caleta Olivia is now my district leader here too. Silly transfers. Oh yeah, we had transfers, and guess what!!!

I got transferred!

Just kidding! Hna. Dennison is really special, because she's only my second companion that I've had for more than one transfer. Yep, we're still together! So much to learn and so much to do! This week has been scary because we've been visiting and elderly woman who will die in the next few days, and every time we

I'm sorry, I just found a giant dragonfly in the window next to me.

We go to sing to her we think she'll stop breathing and die. It scares us every time. But okay. We'll keep trying to help any way we can.

So don't expect an email on Monday, I'll hear from you all on the 9th!

And my Hna. Palacios went home! Nuts! I can barely believe it! Wow. It goes by way too fast. Just gotta work hard so we don't lose a moment. It's like D&C 4. I don't know what it says in English, but read it and mull it over.

Tell Micah I'm proud of him and will send the letter as soon as I can.

Tell Adam I love him.

Tell Barrett he's tall. Haha, I love him too, the big galug.

¡¡¡FELIZ FIN DE AÑO!!! ¡Que lo pasen bien!

Cuidense, y ¡nos vemos en el año que viene!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Belated Christmas email.


Please tell Ashley that I really appreciate it! Not only appreciate, but more like this OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!!! Por favor. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I need a little pick me up in the mail :)

CHRISTMAS THIS WEEK! We're trying to set everything up. We're only going to be working about five days this week. I like Christmas, but on the mission it's terrible! Making all sorts of plans, having to watch investigators go on vacation, stressing, waiting for your brain to explode... But alas, we're going to make it the best thing we got!

I really wish I had tons of stuff to tell you this week, but there's not a whole lot. It's been really stressful. I'll just say it right now- senior companionship stinks. WHY DO I HAVE RESPONSIBILITY?! I don't even know if I wrote that right.

Service. Let me just vent to you. THESE MEMBERS WON'T LET US DO SERVICE. We ask and ask and ask. Now after lunches they don't even wait for us to ask, they just say no. This week has been being stuck between that rock and a hard place. But we didn't put us there. I didn't think so. To be honest I just feel so out of control. Bang my head on a wall out of control. My companion and I have come to the realization that the members don't really trust us and/or like us, so that's going to be our focus now. Trying to replace the amazing Hna. Smith is a nightmare. I'm just not as cool as her. And now we suffer for our lack of awesomeness. WHAT MORE CAN WE DO!?!?

And we can't really say that we blame them, because every time they actually do come with us to a teaching appointment, the person is not there. That's a big reason why they don't trust us. I'm just at the end of my creative rope. Maybe I really do stink. I do need to wash my clothes :)

Anyway, do you want to hear a funny story. We've been teaching this guy this past week, Gabriel. He's been progressing, reading the Book of Mormon, and this last appointment we taught him the first part of the plan of salvation, and we gave him the commitment to repent. He told us, "Nah, I'm not a bad person, and maybe one day I'll get there, but for right now, no."

I was okay with it. I really wanted to leave him a reading from the Book of Mormon, and I thought of the perfect chapter. Alma 4 or Alma 9. I read some highlighted scriptures in my BoM, thought they were really good because they talked about repentance, and left Alma 9. The next day after my study I was wondering, what did I leave him to read? I began reading the chapter and it goes a little something like this...

8Behold, O ye wicked and perverse generation, how have ye forgotten the tradition of your fathers; yea, how soon ye have forgotten the commandments of God.
9Do ye not remember that our father, Lehi, was brought out of Jerusalem by the hand of God? Do ye not remember that they were all led by him through the wilderness?
10And have ye forgotten so soon how many times he delivered our fathers out of the hands of their enemies, and preserved them from being destroyed, even by the hands of their own brethren?
11Yea, and if it had not been for his matchless power, and his mercy, and his long-suffering towards us, we should unavoidably have been cut off from the face of the earth long before this period of time, and perhaps been consigned to a state of endless misery and woe.
12Behold, now I say unto you that he commandeth you to repent; and except ye repent, ye can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God. But behold, this is not all—he has commanded you to repent, or he will utterly destroy you from off the face of the earth; yea, he will visit you in his anger, and in his cfierce anger he will not turn away.

Um. Oops. Looks like Hna. Georgeson needs to brush up on her scriptures, because she really wanted 2 Nephi 9 or Alma 5. Tee hee hee. Maybe this will freak him out to repentance?

Anyway, I gotta be getting off, but let Micah know that I'm writing him a letter that I'm going to try to put in the mail today.

Take care, and I'll talk to you Saturday! (No email on Monday the 27th. Next email will be on January 3rd.)

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Divine Gift of Gratitude

Bueno. First things first: CHRISTMAS! Can you believe that seven months have already passed since I last heard you all? It's crazy to me to think that time has flown by so much. Okay, so the dates are...on the 20th I'll be able to write again, we still have pday. On the 25th we'll call, at what time I don't know. We don't have to work on Christmas, so it's up to me or it's up to you. If there's a preference, let me know ASAP! And on the 27th we will not have pday, so do not expect an email from me this day! Anyway, CHRISTMAS! There's still so much to do! Today is crazy and hectic. We still haven't gotten a lot of stuff done. I would love to tell you every detail of my week, because it's been crazy. BUT you'll hear all the wonderful details in my phone call :)

This past week we had zone conference, and the sisters from Esquel were here. We went hiking on a hill called Campenario, the steepest, most ridiculous hill. But way fun, and Israelites at the top! That part was really cool. As we were coming down my companion thought I was right behind her and took of with other elders, and the elderes we were walking with found a pair of chaps from Wales and stuck behind to talk to them. Well for the other Hermanas that's no big deal, for they are from Chile. So I stuck with them and we were on the trail on our own, and... I directed them for the worse and took the wrong turn in the fork of the trail. I GOT LOST ON AN ARGENTINE MOUNTAIN!!! Ok, it's not a mountain, it's a ridiculous hill. We were okay. After about a half an hour we found the trail again. My pants are really dirty for falling on my butt twice, once knocking out Hna. Escobar. That day was so funny. My companion thought I was dead. And now we know... Don't listen to Hna. Georgeson! Nah, now we know the beauties of an Argentine... hill, with all the trees, and how it must've been for Joseph Smith (that's what Hna. Escobar kept saying, I loved it!) being in such a secluded and peaceful place. We weren't afraid because we knew we'd be okay.

It was a lovely precursor to our zone conference, because it was awesome. The General conference talk we focused on was Pres. Monson's on "The Divine Gift of Gratitude." Hna. Peterson, the mission president's wife, challenged us for five days to express more gratitude in our prayers. I needed that challenge because this week has been so hard, but how it has helped me to get through this week. I'm grateful that Ayrton got baptized! I'm grateful for the Young Single Adults who made it to his baptism. I'm grateful that Hna. Peterson sent me some new shoes without holes! Shoes from the pilgrim era, but without holes! :) For a companion that always wants to keep moving forward. For E'Herbert who shared his chocolate with us from his mom. Hooray for Hersheys! I'm grateful that I have money this month. I'm grateful for Hna. Ponce who gave me her boots the last time I was here, for those boots that I still have and use. For the members that help us so much. For the Lord's patience. For His mercy. For His never ending love.

"Sincerely giving thanks not only helps us recognize our blessings,but it also unlocks the doors of heaven and helps us feel God’s love."-Pres. Monson

And to all of you, and you mamma. Thank you so much for taking care of everything, for helping me out and listening. Thank you daddy for answering my question. Thank you Adam for your cariño. Micah for your love and humor, and Barrett for including me in a partecito of your life. I love you all, and take care.

Hna. Georgeson

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being in Bariloche

Being in Bariloche, the place is filled with such pretty things that I definitely want to get for you guys, so thank you so much for the help. Tomorrow the assistants to the president should be coming with some shoes from the mission home, so I should be doing a lot better.

This weekend we had a baptism! Eli Moyano, who is the girlfriend of the stake mission leader (now you see why he has that calling... he's so good at it ;) ). She's pretty happy, and so are all the YSA in the stake. We're trying to keep them animated for the baptism that we're going to see this Saturday too, for Ayrton. We're working to see a good turn out and a lot of support at the baptism

One question that I hope everybody will help me with- ¿What are some ideas for ward activities or ward missionary activities? I want feedback! Please!

The weather is different everyday, but recently it's been getting warmer. The sisters from Esquel are here for Zone conference tomorrow, and as we were getting everything ready for them to sleep, we got so hot, we slept with the windows open! It was wonderful. Warmth!Because we're seeing zone conference tomorrow the entire zone was here today, and we went hiking up Mount Campenario, a very short but wickedly steep hike. My legs still feel like Jello. As we were going back down my companion went faster with the elders, and I stayed with the other Hermanas, and we ended up taking down the wrong way and.... we totally got lost! We kept going down thinking "We'll be okay," until there was no more trail, just a whole bunch of trees. About twenty minutes later we found the trail again, but my clothes are so dirty... so much dirt! I guess my companion, when she got down to the bottom and realized that we weren't there, thought I had died or something. But one thing is for sure, I'm tired. We had to go up twice, and that stinking mountain is steep! But okay, we're alive and safe. The lord heard us and our lovely Hna. Arrancibia found the way. That's my Hermanita! (That's right, we totally had the same trainer.)

Alright, I think I'm going to end right now because I've run out of things to say! Pero bueno, una cosa mas if you really want it. In chapter four of Preach My Gospel there's a scripture study about a few standard questions that we ask ourselves everyday. Where to go, what to do... While studying these two questions specifically I found two scriptures that I really liked.

2 Nephi 32:2-5

"Do ye not remember that I said unto you that after ye had received the Holy Ghost ye could speak with the tongue of angels? And now, how could ye speak with the tongue of angels save it were by the Holy Ghost?

"Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.

"Wherefore, now after I have spoken these words, if ye cannot understand them it will be because ye ask not, neither do ye knock; wherefore, ye are not brought into the light, but must perish in the dark.

"For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.

And D&C 52:3-4

"Wherefore, verily I say unto you, let my servants Joseph Smith, Jun., and Sidney Rigdon take their journey as soon as preparations can be made to leave their homes, and journey to the land of Missouri.

"And inasmuch as they are faithful unto me, it shall be made known unto them what they shall do;"

So in order to receive revelation to bring to pass the Lord's work, have success and fulfill His will, four things must be done.

Ask, Knock, be Faithful which means Be diligent and obedient.

Be good and listen to the spirit! Do what you know you need to do.

Love and miss you!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson


First of all, HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING!!! My companion and I meant to do something cool, but alas, it was only polenta, eggs, and a rice cracker. Woo.

Today is a crazy Pday. My companion and I have wandered all around downtown Bariloche all day. All of Pday! But it's been killing me because I want to say, Ooo, I want to get that for Adam! Or Micah! Or whatever, but I found out yesterday I have a huge hole on the side of my shoe that can't be fixed, so I now have to go get new shoes. That was kind of a bummer. Being in downtown Bariloche makes me feel like a tourist, because there are lots of tourists here! But the coolest thing about the day is the fact that we just went through the local cathedral. MY FIRST CATHEDRAL!!! I was so cool!!! That has been something that has always been on my list of things to do, not the list of what I want to do, but what I need to do, and I did it! It was amazing! It's not that big, but it was still amazing!

This week has been appointment after appointment after appointment. We're trying to work hard and run all over the place. Being senior companion is a lot more responsibility than I anticipated, but okay. It's got me thinking a lot more about my purpose as a missionary, and why I'm here, and what I need to do to take advantage of the time I've been given.

This upcoming week we have one baptism, and the week after we have another. The one for this week is Elisabeth Moyano, the girlfriend of the stake mission leader. Yeah, now we know why he has the calling ;).

So we're putting things together and trying to work. Really there's not too much to say about this week. It's been a whirlwind. My companion! Hna. Dennison from Morgan, UT. This her third transfer here in the field, with almost six months in the mission. She's grown up so fast! And I keep making her work and do more and more. She's doing really well. Hooray!

Therefore, take care! I'm sorry I didn't write so much, but I totally don't even know what to write this week.

Bueno, I'll write about Ayrton. About a few weeks ago before I got here, Hna. Smith and Hna. Dennison were chased down the street. "eSmith! eSmith!" (which is how they say the name Smith). She chased them down and said "Do you remember me? You talked with me in the street about a few months ago!" Well, we talk with a lot of people. "I want you to visit my grandson. He's lazy and needs to get up and do something!" And that's how they found Ayrton. He's going to be a great missionary one day. His testimony is so strong. He always talks about how great he feels when he prays and reads the scriptures. The spirit speaks to him and how gratifying and wonderful it is to see him being filled with so much joy. He's so smart and wants to learn more about the gospel every time, and is absolutely willing to hold true to what he has learned. He knows the Book of Mormon is true. He knows that God answers his prayers. That tithing is important. That the word of wisdom is important. We're working with him to help build a safe and sure foundation so that he will never fall.

Bueno, this is Ayrton.

Now be good! Stay safe! Read, pray, and do.

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Happy Turkey Day!

Okay, this keyboard is messed up and I can`t put exclamation points or normal... uh, I don`t remember what they´re called. Things you use like in didn´t or you´re. They´re really accent marks.

Today is a holiday therefore not many things are opened. I finally discovered a little bit of Bariloche today, something I´ve never been able to do. We went down by the lake and the local mini cathedral, butalas, ´twas not open. We finally bought some of the famous Barliloche chocolate, and OH MY GOSH is it delightfully pleasant. If I can getaway with it, I´ll try to smuggle some home for you. Also we went by this touristy goods store, and OH MY GOSH I´ll smuggle something from there too. Something made me think of Ann, so she can expect something too. I wanted to put a smiley face right here, but the whole keyboard thing. It turns out like this :?. Alrighty then.

TRANSFERS!!!!! Each mission is 100 percent different. Our mission,because it´s so big and transfers can mean almost 24 hours of traveling, we don´t get transfers so much. We normally stay anywhere between 4.5 to 7.5 months. Nine months even happens every now and again. The longest area I´ve had was Zapala which was 4.5 months, all the rest as one or two transfers. Not including Bariloche. I´m staying here for a little while longer than one transfer. and I´ve only ever had one companion for more than one transfer, my dear Hna. Palacios. I´ve come to really miss her! Now do you get why I´m a little bummed. I´m a bit of a special case in my mission. As consolation, there´s another sister here in the mission who moves around as much as I do,and I´ve had a lot of her companions. We´re just cool like that :) Smiley face! Just please bear with me and my bummed-outness. I´m still trying to get up and work everyday with all I got.I also got some surprising news from my mission president that you´re going to find out soon in a couple of weeks. In a blessing from an elder he said that I shouldn´t be afraid of change, that it´s the way God works. There´s a lot of changes, and I feel like barfing right now.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I won´t barf. It´s just the really rich and delicious chocolate talking.

Anyway, Have a Happy Thanksgiving! We´ll see how we´ll celebrate this beloved day, but enjoy the stuffing and turkey for me!Love you all! Take care! Read, pray, and go to church! The essentials that keep you from falling.

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Monday, November 15, 2010


Wow. What a heck of a week. Or couple of weeks I should say.


I'm so wickedly happy for her!!! That's wonderfully amazing! I'm going to be smiling all day now.

Oh my gosh- I realized Monday night after writing my email- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! I could really kick myself for not writing it Monday. What better way to celebrate another year of love and family than with tough gifted moose meat.

I only say that with much love and a chuckle in my tender heart.

This I have realized this week. I've made it to the point in my mission where I forget which language is my own. I purposely think in English to make sure I don't forget anything, but then I begin talking in English, something that I don't think my Peruvian companion really appreciates. I get thoroughly confused during the week.

Also..... my companion and I have invited a ton of people to be baptized in this transfer... 10 people who said that they would be baptized! And yesterday we decided!.... That none of them would be baptized right now. Yes. Kind of a bummer. Even more so because....


Yes, you heard me right. I'm being transferred. Only after two transfers in this area- three months- I'm already leaving. I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE!!! They say that if you get transferred a lot and if you have a lot of companions, it means you're one of the crazy ones. One of the ones that the companion can't stand. It means that I'm nuts. How wonderful. But the best part is that I'm going to......... BARILOCHE!!!! To the same ward that I was in about three months ago. I'm going to be working with the trainee of my dear Hna. Smith. Her trainee replaced me, and I'm going to be working with her. Also what I've realized is that I have not been in all four provinces of my mission. Bariloche is in Neuquén, not Rio Negro! Dang it! My plans have been foiled!

But okay.

My mission is officially insane.

But okay. I'm also going to be senior companion. I didn't have any plans to be senior companion until the last transfer of my mission. What a bummer. I have to be responsible! AHHH!!! Pero bueno. The Lord has some crazy plan for me that will be for my good and my benefit. Alrighty then. We move forward.

Take care and talk to you soon!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Feliz día de gracias! Or in other words- Happy Thanksgiving!
If it even is this week. If not... read that last part next week. ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This week has been tranquilo!

I gotta make this quick. I'm sorry this one is going to be short.

This week has been the week of service. We've been helping one of the elder's investigators. Here in Argentina (or any Latin country for that matter) makes a big deal about the first birthday. You know, your first birthday where your parents have a ton of pictures of you in your booster with cake smeared all over your face and your hands. Yes, that first birthday. In the U.S. This birthday is normally celebrated with a cake, family and friends. No no no. Here it's a grand fiesta. They rented a party palace place that's like a small Boosters, with decorations galore. All this fancy shmancy stuff for a one year old. But that's how they do it down here. My companion and I were in charge of the decorations. We spent all week helping her prepare for the big day.

The only real bummer is that they didn't come to church yesterday.

All that service only to not show up!

They'll be receiving a phone call soon.

Anyway, more than this this week has been tranquilo.

But for your spiritual entertainment, Please read Preach my Gospel, especially chapter 2. If you want to be spiritually uplifted every day, it has suggestions to be able to get the most out of scripture study. Even if it's ten minutes, you can!

Especially for the boys (refer to Pres. Monson's opening remarks the beginning of Conference).

Also read the following article by Pres.Uchtdorf-

El verano pasado mi esposa y yo llevamos a nuestros nietos gemelos a Kirtland, Ohio. Para nosotros fue una oportunidad especial y preciosa de pasar tiempo con ellos antes de que salieran en sus misiones.

Durante nuestra visita a ese lugar, aprendimos a comprender mejor las circunstancias del profeta José Smith y de los santos que vivían en Kirtland. Esa era de la historia de la Iglesia se conoce como una época de grandes tribulaciones, pero también de enormes bendiciones. El Señor confirió en Kirtland algunas de las manifestaciones celestiales y dones espirituales más extraordinarios que el mundo haya conocido. En Kirtland y lugares circunvecinos se recibieron sesenta y cinco secciones de Doctrina y Conveniosrevelaciones que trajeron nueva luz y conocimiento acerca de temas tales como la Segunda Venida, el cuidado de los necesitados, el plan de salvación, la autoridad del sacerdocio, la Palabra de Sabiduría, el diezmo, el templo y la ley de consagración 1.

Fue un período de progreso espiritual incomparable; de hecho, el Espíritu de Dios era tal como un fuego. Durante este tiempo aparecieron Moisés, Elías el Profeta, y muchos otros seres celestiales, incluso nuestro Padre Celestial y Su Hijo Jesucristo, el Salvador del Mundo 2.

Una de las muchas revelaciones que José recibió en Kirtland fue una revelación llamada la “hoja de olivotomada del Árbol del Paraíso, el mensaje de paz del Señor a nosotros” (introducción de D. y C. 88). En esta extraordinaria revelación se incluye la sublime invitación: “Allegaos a , y yo me allegaré a vosotros; buscadme diligentemente, y me hallaréis” (D. y C. 88:63).

Nah, just kidding! Here it is in English:

Last summer my wife and I took our twin grandsons to Kirtland, Ohio. It was a special and precious opportunity for us to spend time with them before they left on their missions.

During our visit there, we learned to better understand the circumstances of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Saints who lived in Kirtland. That era of Church history is known as a time of severe trials but also supreme blessings.In Kirtland the Lord bestowed some of the most remarkable heavenly manifestations and spiritual gifts this world has ever experienced. Sixty-five sections of the Doctrine and Covenants were received in Kirtland and surrounding areas—revelations that brought new light and knowledge about topics such as the Second Coming, caring for the needy, the plan of salvation, priesthood authority, the Word of Wisdom, tithing, the temple, and the law of consecration.1

It was a period of unparalleled spiritual growth. Indeed, the Spirit of God like a fire was burning. Moses, Elijah, and many other heavenly beings appeared during this time, including our Heavenly Father and His Son, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.2

One of the many revelations Joseph received in Kirtland was a revelation he called the “olive leaf … plucked from the Tree of Paradise, and the Lord’s message of peace to us” (introduction to D&C 88). This remarkable revelation includes the sublime invitation, “Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me” (D&C 88:63). As the Saints of Kirtland drew near unto the Lord, He truly did draw near unto them, pouring out the blessings of heaven upon the heads of the faithful.

A Spiritual Outpouring

Perhaps the culmination of these spiritual manifestations occurred during the dedication of the Kirtland Temple on March 27, 1836. One of those present was 28-year-old William Draper, who described the day as a “day of Pentecost.” He wrote: “There was such a time of the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord, that my pen is inadequate to write it in full or my tongue to express it. But I will here say that the Spirit was poured out and came like a mighty rushing wind and filled the house, that many that were present spoke in tongues and had visions and saw angels and prophesied, and had a general time of rejoicing such as had not been known in this generation.”3

These spiritual manifestations were not limited only to those inside the temple, for “the people of the neighborhood came running together (hearing an unusual sound within, and seeing a bright light like a pillar of fire resting upon the Temple), and were astonished at what was taking place.”4

Lorenzo Snow (1814–1901), later to be President of the Church, was living in Kirtland during this blessed period. He observed, “One would have imagined that after receiving these wonderful manifestations no temptation could have overthrown the Saints.”5

But, of course, great spiritual experiences do not make us exempt from opposition and trials. Just a few months after the temple dedication, a widespread economic crisis shook the United States, and Kirtland felt the effects deeply. Banks failed, leaving many in difficult financial straits. To make matters worse, many of the Saints who were immigrating to Kirtland came with very few material possessions, not knowing what they would do once they arrived or how they would survive.

Before long, persecutions arose and mobs formed against the Saints. Members of the Church—even some of those closest to the Prophet, many of whom were present at the dedication of the temple—apostatized and condemned Joseph as a fallen prophet.

As I walked near the Kirtland Temple with my wife and grandsons, I pondered how tragic it was that some could not remain faithful even after the spiritual manifestations they had witnessed. How sorrowful it was that they could not endure the ridicule and criticism of disbelievers. How sad that, when faced with financial trial or other struggles, they could not have reached inside themselves and found the strength to remain faithful. How unfortunate it was that they somehow lost sight of the miraculous spiritual harvest at the dedication of the temple.

The Lessons

What can we learn from this remarkable era in the history of the Church?
One of the great, enduring lessons of the Kirtland period is that our spirits need constant nourishment. As President Harold B. Lee (1899–1973) taught: “Testimony isn’t something that you have today and you keep always. Testimony is either going to grow and grow to the brightness of certainty, or it is going to diminish to nothingness, depending upon what we do about it. I say, the testimony that we recapture day by day is the thing that saves us from the pitfalls of the adversary.”6 We need to stay close to the Lord every day if we are to survive the adversity that we all must face.

In some ways our world today is similar to Kirtland of the 1830s. We too live in times of financial distress. There are those who persecute and rail against the Church and its members. Individual and collective trials may sometimes seem overwhelming.

That is when we need, more than ever, to draw near unto the Lord. As we do, we will come to know what it means to have the Lord draw near unto us. As we seek Him ever more diligently, we will surely find Him. We will see clearly that the Lord does not abandon His Church or His faithful Saints. Our eyes will be opened, and we will see Him open the windows of heaven and shower us with more of His light. We will find the spiritual strength to survive even during the darkest night.

Although some of the Saints in Kirtland lost sight of the spiritual experiences they had, most did not. The majority, including William Draper, held fast to the spiritual knowledge God had given them and continued to follow the Prophet. Along the way they experienced more bitter trials but also more sweet spiritual growth until, ultimately, those who endured to the end were “received into … a state of never-ending happiness” (Mosiah 2:41).

You Can Hold On

If ever you are tempted to become discouraged or to lose faith, remember those faithful Saints who remained true in Kirtland. Hold on a little longer. You can do this! You are part of a special generation. You were prepared and preserved to live at this important time in the existence of our beautiful planet earth. You have a celestial pedigree and therefore have all the necessary talents to make your life an eternal success story.

The Lord has blessed you with a testimony of the truth. You have felt His influence and witnessed His power. And if you continue to seek Him, He will continue to grant you sacred experiences. With these and other spiritual gifts, you will be able not only to change your own life for the better but also to bless your homes, wards or branches, communities, cities, states, and nations with your goodness.

It may be hard to see that at times, but hold on a little longer, for “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” and wait for Him (1 Corinthians 2:9; see also D&C 76:10; 133:45).

I bear witness of the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of this, His Church. I testify with all my heart and soul that God lives, that Jesus Christ is His Son and stands at the head of this great Church. We have a prophet on the earth again, even President Thomas S. Monson.

May we ever remember the lesson of Kirtland and hold on a little longer—even when things look bleak. Know and remember this: the Lord loves you. He remembers you. And He will ever sustain those who “endure in faith to the end” (D&C 20:25).

Don't forget- You can hold on!

Love you all, Hna. Georgeson

I hope to hear from you next week.... with those promised pictures!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I've gotta work!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my area. Our transfer ends in about two weeks, and I'm really hoping that the Lord doesn't see fit to take me out of Caleta. I really don't want to leave! If I leave, I think I would die. I want to stay in an area for a decent amount of time. If I'm here the next transfer that means that I'm here for two because my companion goes home at the end of the next transfer. I've been thinking about all of the people here, and the responsibility I have to help all of them learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. That there are so many being prepared to listen - I've gotta work!

I've also got to help everyone. Not be a burden but a help and a service.

This week has been long, and my Pday super short. Right now it's about 5 o'clock, the end of my Pday. We've been helping out an investigator of the elders with the birthday party decorations of their daughter. I'll try to send photos, they're really cute! But because of that, our Pday has come and gone yet again, leaving us with much more to do :)

This week Irma committed to be baptized. And her nutter of a mother who said that she wouldn't come to church came to church yesterday and said that she liked it. Irma's sons, Nicolas and Ariel, have come twice to church, and they love it too. This family is going to be baptized. Such good people. The kind of people who have trouble putting food on the table but offer you everything they have. Irma even came to church this week wearing a skirt. That's awesome! Hna. Aquino, my previous companion, and her companion before me found Nicolas and his brother on a bus and they got to talking. Mind you Nicolas is 10 years old. We saw them all the time in the street, but never really knew how to describe his house. They're still fairly new here. I'm telling you, it was no coincidence that they began talking to them on the bus. We're so happy for them and all the blessing they're going to receive! Even another son of hers, Yamil, has been robbing her Book of Mormon to read. WOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Don't you just love seeing miracles?

Bueno, for right now I say toodles. Take care and strengthen your testimonies! Do the little things! Because through small and simple things to great things come to pass :)

Love you all

xoxoxoxoXXo, Hna. Georgeson

Monday, October 25, 2010

7 Months to Go!

Remind me to tell you the joke about wow mom when I come home. To me it's hilarious! Maybe not to others, but it cracks me up every time :)

I don't remember what I wrote you last week. This week has been calm. We have some investigators that are really progressing. One is María de los Ángeles. She is wonderful. She's accepted the goal of getting baptized! She has an adorable daughter, Macarena, who has a personality twenty times bigger than her body. I love it! We're so happy for her and her willingness to heed the call of the Savior.

Another is Lucas, whose mother is a less active member. He's 12 and has had the influence of the church in his life his entire life, but has never gone. We're teaching him, and he reminds me so much of Adam. It's funny. But yesterday when we were talking to him he told us that he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true, and he said that afterward he felt funny. A good kind of funny or a bad kind of funny? A little bit of both. It's just that it's weird, these feelings of the Spirit if we've never felt them or recognized them before!

This is something that I was studying in the morning. Receiving revelation, or answers, through the Spirit and prayer. Read Moroni 10:3-5 and examine what he tells us that we need to do. Try it out. Sentence by sentence try it, and follow his counsel. Let me know how it all turned out.

Send EVERYONE my love and my greetings, and we'll be talking soon!

xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Monday, October 11, 2010

Get out of the cave!

Emily wrote her letter to the family specifically, but I cut out an excerpt to share with you.

I love my humanities background. The allegory of the cave is what I feel like my life is. Life is the cave. Being ignorant and living without faith in God and in Christ is life in the cave. It makes us chained to the wall, living believing that life are the images and shadows that bounce along the walls. Faith in the Gospel in Christ frees us from the cave. It takes us outside. At first it takes a while to adjust, but when you begin to adjust to the light you begin to see colors. Real things instead of shadows. Flowers, sky, grass, bees, everything! At the end of this allegory this person who left the cave is taken back and is mocked by his old comrads who think that life are the shadows on the walls. This person is unsatisfied with his life with the shadows because he has experienced something greater. We don't have to be pushed back into the cave. We can keep living outside, exploring, enjoying. This is what I feel like my life is with the gospel. My eyes keep adjusting and I see more. My life has more meaning, more sweetness, more joy, more peace. I feel a strong sense of gratitude for the mercy of my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I can be like them. With faith in them I can do anything. I can be like Them. How grateful I am that the mission has taken me out even more from my cave!

So my fellow Georgeson's, get out of the cave. Study the scriptures, pray, and be assured that the Lord will do whatsoever you need of Him. If you believe you will recieve a witness, by gum you will recieve it. If you believe that the scriptures have answers to your questions, by gum you will find those answers. Have faith and leave the cave. Adjust your eyes and live the beautiful life the Lord has given you.

I love you ALL so very much. Take care, and go outside! Enjoy the light.

xoxo, Hna.Georgeson

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Follow the counsels of the prophets

Carlos is out of town in Chile still. Cell phones from here in Argentina don't work in Chile so we can't call him, and he hasn't called us. My companion and I have a joke that he's there forming his own Church with our books and doctrine. Crazy Carlos. Nah, we have no idea of what's happened to him.

Roque and Isidro were not baptized. We've postponed his baptism a week so we can help prepare him more. It was a little too immature. Roque texted us the morning of his baptism to tell us that he couldn't be baptized that day because of a family problem. We're going to set up a time this week to go see him and talk some more.

First of all... I LOVE CONFERENCE!!! I feel so cheated that it didn't last longer, and now I have to wait another six months! Really, it went by so fast. But what I love about this conference was that I felt like it spoke specifically to me, about some things I've been thinking about in my life. There are many things in the conference that I heard that they probably said before, but I really wasn't listening. My testimony lately has grown on listening to the voice of the spirit, actively seeking answers to your questions. With diligently studying the scriptures, you will find the answers you are looking for. Ask specific questions and you will find the specific answers. This is the principle of FAITH! Pray to find, and then LOOK! ACT! And I have felt this principle act in my life this weekend. It strengthened my testimony even more about all those talks about how grateful we should be for a living prophet and the restoration. This weekend we saw the heavens opened and we were able to enjoy the bliss of listening to the word of God being revealed in these latter days. What a blessing we have as a people in the latter days!

This weekend has been really stressful. From programming baptisms that fell through, to finding out about transfers and that my new companion is going to be my old companion, Hna. Karina Palacios. She only has three months left in her mission, and although I don't know what's going to happen, I think I'll be with her when she finishes her mission. So we're in this. BUT I will not turn back nor turn down. I have accepted the call to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and a disciple I will be.

Pres. Arnold is the Area Seventy here for Argentina, and E. Zivic who offered an opening prayer is from Buenos Aires. He actually spoke in a stake conference in Zapala, so it was especially sweet for us here in Argentina. His talk was especially touching.

Don't worry about baptism clothes. The members here need to do the service, nobody else. But thank you for the thought, I know it came with the best of intentions to help (That and I think that as a missionary I really shouldn't ask for help from home).

Has Barrett been sleeping wrong? Maybe that could be the cause of his pain. But also... exercise really can help too if you can believe it! Do it! And tell him CONGRATULATIONS! Our little brainiac.

Good luck with your nose mamma. Don't bleed to death please! Also tell Micah and Adam that I love them too, oh so very much. Love my baby so very much, and don't forget to pray for me!

Tell everyone that I said HI! And THANK YOU!!!! For everything. I really am grateful. I count my blessing that you all support me in the way that you do while I'm here on my mission.

Follow the counsels of the prophets and make daily goals TODAY to apply their words, the words of God, into your lives. (D&C 1:38)

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Monday, September 27, 2010

This week has been good.

Thank you so much for the pictures! They did tickle my heart! How did you get the pics of Luis? Has he called/written? GOOD! I miss that kid! And now that I know Spanish, we definitely HAVE to talk when we get back. Tell him I miss him!!!

This week has been good. And I have no reason as to why. As far as the work goes, our success this week is not only spiritually, but our numbers show it as well! Lots of lessons and lots of new investigators.

Also, I saw my very first nun. My sista in the catholic faith. She was on the bus. It's nothing, but I thought it was really cool.

In other spiritually uplifting news... Our investigators Roque and Isidro are getting baptized this weekend! In all reality, it's going to be a nightmare. Two baptisms, conference weekend, and we don't even know at what time until Thursday night because Roque won't find out his work schedule until then. So we just have to tell everybody to prepare for a baptism Conference weekend at any time. Oh yeah, and all of the baptism clothes have gone missing. But hey, they're willing and they're ready to make their first covenant!

Roque is keeping true to his goals to stop smoking and reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and Isidro went to church in Buenos Aires yesterday (he's out of town). How awesome are they?!?

Also there's Selena. She's the eleven year old granddaughter of the Relief Society President. She wants to get baptized, but finally told us that she's never asked her dad. It breaks my heart. She's a good kid. Quiet, a little shy, but a good kid, and already her father doesn't really trust her to do anything or go anywhere, and her mother is very much so disinterested in her life. We put some goals with her to start reading the Book of Mormon every day, pray for help and strength, and obeying her parents. After two days of doing this, then going and asking her dad if she could get baptized. We found out in Relief Society yesterday through her grandma that she's really scared to do this. We were talking about being examples to your children, and her grandma told the Relief Society that Selena talked to her about these goals, and said to her "Are things really this hard?" She's genuinely scared to do this. This weekend we fasted for her so that she'd have the faith and courage to talk to her dad and that her dad would soften his heart, and I have the faith that the Lord hears and answers prayers and sees our efforts in our fasts. Therefore she can do it and he can say yes!

It really got me thinking, the thing she told her grandma. "Are things really this hard?" It's difficult to learn this lesson at such a young age. Maybe this means that she's someone really special to be able to take this kind of trail from the Lord being 11 years old! The thing is yes, things are really that hard. Life is really really hard. Oh but how much He will help us! It is hard, but He will not leave us alone! We need faith, which leads to courage, which leads us to action, which will lead to a stronger testimony and more faith as we see how the Lord will bless us, and the cycle continues onward and onward! Yes, things are really that hard, but the Lord will take part of the load. Yes, life is hard, but it doesn't have to be. Rely on the Lord, use His strength and have faith that He will provide, and He will provide!

We're going to try to call her tonight to see how she is and if she did the deed. I hope so.
And I can't write so much because I'm researching stuff for investigators and I gotta go!

But take care. Read your scriptures, pray daily, have family home evenings, and pray some more.

Love you all, and thank you so much!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you so much for your support.

Sorry this took so long to post. She didn't write me this week. She wrote her father instead. So here's his letter.

Momsy and Popsicle

I'm sorry I haven't been writing spiritual experiences. I didn't really think it was that big of a deal. I seem to have upset several people by doing so. It's not my intent. I don't know what else to say. I don't exactly have spiritual experiences oozing out my ears. All I can say is that I'm learning. At times it feels like one step forward and two steps back, and for that I don't have anything really to tell you. I'm trying to push forward. I'm trying to be the best missionary I can be. I'm still trying to figure out why in the world the Lord would want to send me on a mission, let alone a mission here in Argentina, Neuquén. I'm trying to work as hard as I can. I want to serve an honorable mission, and I'm trying. That's all I can really say.

Thank you so much for your support.

I am getting along well with my companion. She's a sweetheart. We're both learning patience and faith. I can't really complain too much. The only thing is that she's keeping a pet snail in the apartment. I hate snails! But she keeps him covered and out of sight, therefore whatever. I tried talking her out of it, but she loves the thing too much. She knows of my fear/slight phobia of snails, but now I know of her fear of ants.


This is why we get along. We're both irrational :)

I sing in Spanish all the time; that's how we get into houses. "Hi, we're missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ, and we'd love to come in and sing you a song for two minutes." There are some areas where it works and other areas no. Here, not so much, but there's not much else we can do about that. We do all that we can, and that is sweet satisfaction. Not baptisms, not statistics, but trying with all you got. Therefore okay.

We had District Conference this past weekend too. Actually, the missionaries had Zone Conference on Friday, and the mission president, his wife, the assistants to the president were here all weekend, as were the other six elders from the other areas. We got to see our President all weekend and our lovely elders. Poor things. They were stuck in the small apartment of the zone leaders. Ten of them! Some even had to sleep in the bathroom because it was so cramped. Next conference (GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!) us sisters are going to help them find houses to stay in and food to eat. Silly unprepared elders.

The District Conference was good. One of our investigators, Isidro, came to both sessions Saturday and Sunday. He began coming to church to try to help pull his family back together. Still only his six year old daughter wants to listen, but he's moving forward strong. I think the conference for him was something different because it had a strong focus on the family and temples. We see him tomorrow and can talk about it more. Sis.Peterson talked about how she loved her family and was glad that they can be together forever, and President Peterson invited the congregation to prepare for the temple, and for those who weren't members, to be baptized so that they can go. I love our President. He has the guts to say what needs to be said in such a loving way.

Our Zone Conference was about Chapter 4 in Preach my Gospel, Recognizing the Spirit. President told us that the greatest desire Pres. Hinckley and Pres. Monson had for missionaries is for them to learn to listen to the spirit; not give rote presentations but to teach to needs according to the spirit, and that many church leaders thought that it was impossible to be able to do so. That puts what we learned in conference into perspective. Not just something sweet and lovely- listening to the spirit- but something real and difficult and so worth the giant amounts of effort that you have to put into it.

There are many times where I feel so inadequate for the work. That's why I feel like many times I take one step forward and two steps back. But what we learn in our studies and in conferences, what we learn from church leaders, helps give hope that I can do whatsoever the Lord wants me to. And if anything, that's the kind of support I need. The reassurance that I can do it. It's really hard to remember it on my own. Please help me to remember it.

Thank you so much for all that you do. Letters, emails, thank you.

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Monday, September 6, 2010


Muchas gracias for the recipe! I'm going to make them for my companion. Yay!

First of all, let Janelle know I shall send her a letter soon. But in the meantime, Elder Oaks talk Nov 2009 conference. It's EXACTLY what he was talking about.

Caleta Olivia- I don't exactly have words to describe her yet. If I had to, it would go something like this- THIRSTY FOR THE GOSPEL! Success shall be ours! MWA HA HA!!!!

Carlos is traveling to Chile to meet with his leaders of his church. He said when he comes back he'll be ready to be baptized. Okay. He already told us that he really wants to mission (... be a missionary? Nah, he wants to mission). Alright. We'll get him a Preach My Gospel.

For right now we're focusing on Roque (Rocky in Español) and Isidro. Roque has his baptism on Saturday. We're fighting so he can make it. Every time we go to teach him it's like a whole 'nother revelation for him because he was never ever taught that that's how things are, but he's accepting it. We totally rock his world. In a good way or a crazy way.

Isidro was a contact that my companion did with the sister before me. We went to his house (about the third time for her) and he wasn't home. Next thing we know he comes to church the next Sunday! We met with him on Wednesday, and we set up a baptismal date! He gets it and he really likes it. He really gets it! The detail is that he has to go to Buenos Aires to do surgery... one day before the programmed baptism! So we'll try it again tonight. He's willing though, and that's all we can ask for.

My companion is sweet. The only thing is that she keeps finding snail shells and taking them to the apartment. Not only that, but it turns out that one of them is alive, and it freaked the crud out of me this morning (for people like Janelle and Tiffany, they know that this is a BIG deal to me). So we'll see how it goes. Nah, we get along really well. She thinks I'm funny, and I think she's really sweet, so we get along like peaches and cake (which is the standard cake filling in Argentina... at least in the Patagonia).

I'm still working and still going strong, so you all better be too!

Thank you so much mama!

Hna Georgeson

P.S. EVERYONE- I WANT CONVERSION STORIES! How did you come to know that the church was true or Joseph Smith was a prophet? Converts and life long members alike. I know they're special experiences. How did you feel? What helped you to know? What gave you that confirming witness?

P.S.S. Mama, can I now have a recipe for frosting and nun puffs from my cook book? Gracias!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleta Olivia!

Thank you for the email! It was a pleasant surprise. I just read the last one you sent, and then when I went to read daddy's yours was already there. It was a sweet surprise.

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleta Olivia!

I am here.

I finally found a map and found out where I am. I thought it was further down south. But I'll just settle for where I am. It was really nice here for a few days and as of late started again with the cold. But I'll live with this cold. Being by the ocean again, worth it 100%.

One day I'll figure out how to send you pictures. I tried sending a letter, but the post man gave it back saying that if I put it in two envelopes it would be cheaper. Asi que bueno. (so, okay.)

This week has been interesting as to the adventures we've had thus far. My second day my companion got peed on by a dog. Worse than Hna. Smith. We both laughed our heads off. Que mal soy yo! Na :)

The other day while walking to the bus stop the lady walking in front of us began running, and we looked back and noticed the bus was coming. We started booking it too, and next thing we know the bus turned around the corner right behind us. It wasn't even our bus! We laughed our heads off at that too. I wonder if the bus drivers think it's really funny when people do that. I would.

For my birthday my companion gave me an alfajor with a candle on it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. An alfajor is almost like a hostess cupcake, ya know, the chocolate ones. But they're soooooo much yummier. Way better. I liked my birthday even though almost nobody but my companion knew. It doesn't bother me at all. Hip hip hooray for my bday!

I can't really think of anything else that happened. But first let me tell you about Carlos.

He's someone really high up in his evangelical church. Hna. Aquino told me that he's like the Pres. Uchtdorf in his church, like the Pres. Monson of Caleta. He comes to church every week, participates, befriends like the members should, he's awesome. After his baptism he might be translated or become the fourth Nephite or something. He lives for the gospel. He's more open to baptism now than before. We're going to get there. He knows it too. He's going to Chile next week to talk with his 'leaders' and be 'released'. He still goes out 'preaching,' but instead of inviting them to his congregation, he invites them to ours. Yeah, he still has a little ways to go, but he'll get there. He's a good man.

Bueno, Thank you for everything! And thanks for the recipes mama. Can you send me one for soft pretzels? Qué rico! What a bummer! My keyboard doesn't have the upside down exclamation point!

Well, until next time, ciao!!!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Monday, August 23, 2010


You want to hear some exciting news?


I was only here in Bariloche for one transfer (6 weeks), and now I've already got to go! When the elders called us they didn't say anything at first (maybe to get back at us for a trick we played on them the other day... our bad.), and then when they finally told us I thought it was a joke. For like 5 minutes I was like "Elder, stop kidding. It's not that funny anymore." He said "I'm not joking Hermana, you really are going."


The reason it's a bummer is that Hna. Smith and I have worked really hard to get this area up and running. We've worked really hard and have found 5 people willing to follow Christ and be baptized- 5 solid baptisms. And now I have to leave them all behind! Me mata! (It kills me!)

Hna. Smith is training this transfer. That is why I am leaving. She was told she was going to train and she's been waiting for the opportunity for a while. I just didn't think I'd get kicked out after one transfer!

I am going south. It's the farthest south that the Hna's go here. Se llama Caleta Olivia. It's a petroleo town, or like a place where they pump oil. They've got those giant oil pumping machines everywhere. I've been told it's even MORE cold and there's wind just like Zapala there. Yippee skippee! The comfort is that there's no snow because it's along the ocean. My new companion is a Latin. Hna. Aquino, and Argentine! I get an Argentine companion! I think this experience will go so much better than the last time I was with a Latin. Hna. Smith says that she's really nice, loves to laugh, and is kind of quiet, so I think we'll get along really well. Even though it's really hard to leave this area in Bariloche, I'm looking forward more to working and seeing the same miracles that we saw here. I want success, and if I work hard, success is what I'm going to get.

When the members found out I was leaving, I really realized that the members liked me more than I thought. I thought I was just some missionary in their ward, that I didn't really matter to them, but I really underestimated them. they are so loving- they LOVE their missionaries. They take care of them so well. They've seen how the missionary work has grown since we really started working here, and it was just really sweet, I'm not going to lie. Humbling too. Really made me take a step back and think about the calling I have.

My comp and I were really excited to have our birthdays here in the same transfer, but alas, we're not! She had been telling members that my birthday was coming up, and there was one Hermana in the ward that wanted to cook us dinner on my birthday. When she found out that I wasn't going to be there, she invited us over last night to eat dinner with her and her daughters. This is the same Hna. that gave be new boots and socks after she found out that my feet were soaked. Oh, wait, I didn't tell you that story!

It snrained here for about two days-ish and my boots were done for. I had tried gluing the sole back to the boot like three times, but the sole was coming off again, and then the zipper on the boot finally broke apart. I had to walk around with safety pins to keep them shut. One night we went by her house because I really needed to go to the bathroom. She asked us how we were doing with the snow and rain, and we said that yeah, my feet were kind of wet. Next thing I know she comes in, gives me a pair of boots (that I was totally NOT expecting) and when she saw how wet my feet and socks were gave be a fresh pair of fuzzy socks that kept my feet nice and dry. I was so grateful. She did me the service. It was hard to accept, but something said "she needs to do the service for you." So right now I have some really good boots and a sweet sweet friend here.

So we went to her house last night to find an asado (an Argentine bbq)! Que rico! It was so nice of her. She really is a special lady. And then next thing I know afterwards she comes out with a cake and a candle and starts singing happy birthday to me! It was so sweet. Although I'm going to be spending my birthday in a brand new area I really did feel like it's okay, she made it special enough. I can't get over how wonderful she is. I really am grateful. Even something silly like celebrating my b-day with me just really made so much more the difference. And keeping me feet safe, dry, and warm. The Flia Ponce really are special. I love the Hna. Ponce!

So that's some sweet stuff going on. We are really happy for the progress of our investigators here in Bariloche. Karen has been coming to church willingly (and even yesterday early!), Rafael and his niece Mikaela (our new baptismal candidate) have been reading the book of Mormon all by themselves, Ricardo stayed for all three hours of church, and Daiana, another bap. candidate, totally came and seemed to enjoy it. Even her inactive older sister came with her. I'm really happy for all of them and the progress their going to make. Very happy.

Thank you so much for your prayers and letters and stories!

Thank you so much mamma for writing me, I just feel very happy to hear from you all.

Tell Barrett THANK YOU! I can't write to him today, but tell him to try the online class. I think he can do it. Learn some diligence and push himself. I know he can do it.

Tell daddy thank you for the email and I love him!

Tell Adam and Micah I totally 100% love them too.

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

But that's missionary work, right

This week has been one crazy hectic whirlwind. We've had some pretty sweet highs and some agonizing lows. But that's missionary work, right?

I don't really know what to say all that much this week. A lot of this week has been knocking doors that didn't open and running around from fallen appointment to fallen appointment. BUT I'm okay, I just don't have any super cool stories.

We did try seeing Kristina this week, but she wasn't there the two times we tried setting the appointment. The last time she left us a note with her dad that says that we can come Tuesday. We're just so happy because she's still willing to see us! Really, anything that can happen in this mission is almost worth it because an investigator still wants to see us after all the obstacles that have fallen her way! We are so happy.

That's wonderful news about the priesthood in the ward! Right now we are really anticipating two of our baptisms because it means two more priesthood holders in the ward. Right now the ward is fighting to keep it's ward status because with a lot of members they either moved away to one of the other wards in the stake or they have gone inactive. A good relief society is 5 sisters without the missionaries. We had only one active member of Young Mens, but after Sept. 18th we're going to have two more for them.

One of them is Rafael. He's 12 years old and a great kid. At first when we met him he was putting on this tough guy attitude, and I remember thinking How in the world are we going to do this? But he's opened up a lot to us. Not like a whole heck of a lot, but a lot more. His first week in church was yesterday and everybody loved him. He's still got that tough guy thing going on, but he's willing to put it down every once in a while. My comp says that he's going to be a great missionary some day. I totally believe it. We just have to exhort his parents to come to church too!!!

So I've been studying this activity in Preach My Gospel in Chapter 4 about Moroni 10. The question is "What does Moroni exhort the reader of the Book of Mormon to do?" Well, you have to read Preach my Gospel to get the whole idea and the better-phrased question, but it really has helped me to open my eyes as to how to receive a witness of the Book of Mormon like Moroni promised. Read it. Do it. Love it. Please.

Love you all and thank you so much for all that you do!

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

Almost half way there!!!‏

Before I got here, my companion spent EVERYDAY working with less actives and former investigators the last transfer. She's so ready to move on, and I trust her judgement. BUT we are trying our best to encourage the members and beg for service opportunities, and slowly but surely we get more references. Okay, references for less active members, but with children and husbands that are not members! Hey, we gotta start somewhere. And the visiting teaching idea is good, but that's not our job. We just don't have the time to do that! But we'll mention it as an idea to the RS president.

Members do feed us for most of the week, they're really good at taking care of the missionaries. Yesterday we ate with the Hna. Acuña, a crazy outspoken - offend everyone - super strong member. She's batty and I love it! She always takes care of us. And knits us sweaters. I have to send you a picture of the sweater of my companion. It's a gem.

We did not get to visit with Kristina this week. The day we went to our apt she was at the hospital. We went the next day and she told us that she lost her baby. She was going to the hospital again in the morning so that she would be home when we came in the afternoon. In a time like this she was rearranging her schedule so she could see us! We have another apt tomorrow morning. Wish us luck! More like the spirit. He's way better than luck.

Yeah, Internet is around, but I don't know to what extent is their audio equipment. He likes movies, not just the words. We're still looking into ordering more movies. Like the Joseph Smith Movie!!! I don't know if we can order it in the mission, but I will do almost anything to get it!
And if you haven't seen it, watch it. And of course they speak Spanish. Why wouldn't they? Nah, Bariloche is diverse, but not that diverse. There are more Brazilian tourists than anything else.

Next we've ran into A LOT of transvestites and people of whom we cannot distinguish a gender. Yes, Bariloche is also filled with weirdos and drunks and pot smokers. I just found one pot smoker thus far, but I've been told that there are more. Oh Bariloche, how I love thee so. People who see us try talking to us in their broken English that they've learned in elementary school, but I honestly feel like they're trying to harass us. It's just because we're blonde.

And we're going to stop seeing Juanita for a while. After our last apt, it's apparent that the missionaries should hold off for a while. It's a story that I'm not quite sure how to explain.


And tell Daddy that about the deal, I think I've gotten a decent start. Yay!

Enjoy the fair!

And how did Sis. Hobson die? That is so crazy that you all didn't hear about it. Is Adam okay about it? She really was sweet.

And to leave you all, I copy my letter to my mission pres. love you all and thank you so much!!!!

"We put another fecha! It's the son of a menos activa family. That story was kind of a miracle. All of the sisters told us about this family who left off going to church more than ten years ago, and then one Saturday during their weekly knitting activity she showed up at the chapel, the mom, and told them that she wants her two sons baptized. We went and we realize that it's going to take some work and a lot of prayers and faith. The parents remember almost nothing about the church and it almost seems like the one son that we meet is doing it more to please his parents rather than because he wants to. BUT he chose his own fecha and was all smiley about it afterward. Something is going to happen here. I just know it.We also have found another investigator, Kristina, that is just amazing. I think the adversary is working really hard to make sure that we never can catch each other, but the Lord WILL conquer. Hna. Smith and I know that we will see some amazing miracles with her.

An experience I had with prayer was in my second transfer. The Hermanas from Cultural Co. came for a zone conference and we ended up doing splits that night. My being here for only about 7 weeksish in Argentina and not really understanding anything or where anybody lived, I got lost with the other Hna. Palacios from BsAs in the dark lonely streets of Zapala. We wandered around for about a half an hour until finally she suggested that we stop on the corner and pray because I really had no idea where we were. I prayed that we might be able to find the house, but if not then that we would be guided to someone ready to meet us. After about five more minutes of wandering around we gave up and began knocking at the first house we saw. The woman, Nora, let us in, and Hna. Palacios explained the restoration in a nutshell and about prayer, that we can pray to know the truth for ourselves. The next time we went to visit her she began crying because she had never been taught to pray like that. She knew that we were different. She prayed about Joseph Smith and felt this rush of calm. We left her a Book of Mormon, and the next time when we came back she told us that the book was different; it was special. But her husband was very much so catholic, and didn't want us coming back to teach her anymore. He even wanted her to return all the stuff we gave her. But she couldn't deny the answer to her prayers that it was good, that it was true. She kept the Book of Mormon and I never got to go back to her house. But I know that the Lord guided us to someone ready to hear. I don't think right now was the time, but the Lord will prepare the way for her to receive the gospel in its fullness. She is really special.I'm sorry that's so long, but it was such a special experience for her to tell us all that stuff. Moments like that remind me why I looked forward to serving on a mission."

xoxo, Hna. Georgeson

P.S. Mamma, can you email Jennifer Squires and let her know I have a couple of letters for her, I just need her address! Thank you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy August!

Alas, another week has rolled away and you haven't written me! As I sit here in this booth I cry rivers of tears as the lost words of my sleeping mother are sent into the realm of dreams.
I think my companion has rubbed off on me. Or maybe that means I'm rubbing off on myself.
I love it when she reads me her journal entries. They sound a lot like that and then make me laugh.

Anyway, on to stuff that is a wee bit more important!

I officially declare that I've hit the point in my mission where I'm exhausted all the time. My companion says it happens to everyone. I'm just going to take it as a good sign as to the fact that I really do try to work hard. There are days better than others, but alas, I cannot slack! I would hate that.

The work here in Bariloche is picking up. The ward here is really small. Somebody told us that about ten years ago there were about 100 kids in the Primary in this ward. 100 kids! And not just one person said that, a couple! And now about 30ish people attend faithfully every week. They're small but faithful. Yesterday after church about 5 sisters from the ward ran up to us and asked us to visit Hna. so and so, a less active member. It's difficult as a missionary to handle this situation. We would love to go visit the less active members, but we also have to be missionaries! It is part of the responsability of the missionaries to visit less active members, but the majority of the responsability falls on the members. These members are a part of their fold- they are the ones that can stay and help them out, genuinely make them feel loved- not the missionaries! I'm sorry, I just had to get that out. This is why visiting teaching and home teaching are so important! The members are the ones that make the difference, not the missionaires. Therefore go out and do! Now! Don't wait for invitations. Go out and actively find! Oy vey.

That is one of the only things that makes us lose time every once in a while. We try to use these opportunities anyway to find investigators- friends and family- but it still gets us.

This week we had our first real lesson with Kristina, a girl that we found knocking doors last week. She's so amazing! Just down to earth and level headed. When we explained Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, she asked us all the questions that she had without any kind of embarassment and then at the end said, "I think I really just want to study this all out and pray about it." My companion was like PLEASE DO!!! She didn't freak out or get all offensive or anything. She just took it all in stride and doesn't automatically rule it out over the miraculousness over it (if miraculousness is even a word. Don't laugh at my lack of communication skills). She just really wants to know the truth. We're so excited to see her again, but we fasted for her yesterday so that she would get an answer and be able to move forward to baptism. Because she's so great she's going to see a lot of opposition, but we want her so bad, and so does Heavenly Father. He won't let her fail and fall. He'll help her.

And on Saturday morning somebody let me iron for them! I was so happy! Drying machines don't exist here. Everything air dries and gets wrinkly, therefore everybody irons EVERTHING. Have you ever ironed a tshirt? I have.Have you ever ironed your sweaters? I have. These poor mothers here have TONS to iron, but never let us help! But an investigator, Juanita, let us iron for her because she just hates it so much. Juanita is lovely. A middle-aged mother who always takes care of us. She has two awesome kids: Natalia and Emilio. Emilio is a hoot, I love that kid. We've been building up this amistad and confianza (like friendship and trust) with them. They listen always, but understanding is another story. We've tried so many things to help them understand things like prophets and the apostacy, but Juanita just doesn't get it. Her kids do, they're really smart, even 11yr old Emilio who never seems like he's listening. If anybody has any suggestions, please do send.

Also suggestions for a Walter, who is married to a member. He just doesn't like reading. He's more of a visual learner kind of guy, but visuals like movies really aren't accesible here. How do we help him? He needs a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but how? Please send your suggestions to me pronto.

Okay, so you have until next monday.

Thank you so much for all that you do! Love and miss you all a lot.

xoxox, Hna.Georgeson

P.S. And tell Adam that I love him.